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OHSU # 2018High Fidelity Inguinal Hernia SimulatorMackenzie Cook, Laszlo Kiraly, Jessica Scott, Shanley Deal
OHSU # 1999Laparoscopic Liver RetractorKevin Billingsley
OHSU # 1917Ultrasound Needle GuideAndrew Neice
OHSU # 1905Stopcock ClampMatthias Merkel, Mark Zornow, James Hilliard
OHSU # 1827A better method of wound cleaning in fractured limbsJung Yoo, Marie Kane
OHSU # 1798Method, Device, & Software for Delivery of Anesthetic VaporMichael Hutchens, Nabil Alkayed, Henry Casson, Katie Schenning
OHSU # 1521Closed loop system for diabetes (Artificial Pancreas)William (Kenneth) Ward, Jessica Castle
OHSU # 1444Algorithm For Automated Detection of MelanomaDan Gareau, Ricky Hennesey, Steven Jacques
OHSU # 1353Dye-Enhanced Multimodal Confocal Imaging Apparatus and MethodDan Gareau
OHSU # 1034Method and device for non-invasive analyte measurementPeter Jacobs, Dawn Konrad-Martin, Eric Wan
OHSU # 0595 (OGI-D)Multi-Actuator System for Active Sound and Vibration CancellationEric Wan