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Biological Materials - Protein/Peptides

OHSU # 1789Manganese oxidase enzyme for biotechnological applicationsBradley Tebo, Cristina Butterfield
OHSU # 1124Yeast expressing human VDAC isoformsMichael Forte, Elizabeth Blachly-Dyson
OHSU # 0536CBP Expression VectorRichard Goodman
OHSU # 0349Opioid Antagonists and Methods of Their Use (Orphanin & analogs)David Grandy, Judith Grisel, Jeffrey Mogil, James Bunzow, Rainer Reinscheid, Hans-Peter Nothacker, Rick Monsma, Olivier Civelli
OHSU # 0346Mammalian Opioid Receptor Ligand and Uses (Orphanin FQ)David Grandy, James Bunzow, Olivier Civelli, Rainer Reinscheid, Hans-Peter Nothacker, Rick Monsma