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Biological Materials - DNA/RNA

OHSU # 1266Plasmid IE86kd able to produce the human CMV IE86 proteinJay Nelson
OHSU # 1222Bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) clone containing the genome of human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) TR strainJay Nelson, Michael Jarvis
OHSU # 0843-ABCR-ABL P210 Wild Type PlasmidBrian Druker, Amie Corbin
OHSU # 0523Mouse Melanotroph Cell Line (MILtsA58) and cDNA Library Derived from the Cell LineMalcolm Low, Bin Liu, Shane Hentges
OHSU # 0464cDNA Encoding the Cell Surface Receptor that Mediates Infection by Feline Leukemia Virus Type CDavid Kabat, Chetankumar Tailor
OHSU # 0382cDNA Clone Encoding the RGK5 (Kv1.3) Voltage-Gated Potassium ChannelJames Douglass, John Adelman