Sponsored Projects Administration  

  PEP: OMB Circulars / Costing and Cost Transfers

OMB Circulars:

The federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has issued a number of Circulars to define the principles and standards for agreements between federal agencies and research institutions. The three Circulars most relevant to OHSU are A-21, A-110, and A-133. Detailed and complex, these Circulars can be difficult to understand, but a clear grasp of their central principles is essential for effective sponsored project management. This Post-award Education Program (PEP) course provides department administrative staff a strong foundation in OMB Circulars and their significance to sponsored project management at OHSU.

Costing and Cost Transfers:

Because all project costs must be appropriately charged to accounts according to accepted cost accounting principles as well as institutional policies and the federal regulations applicable to sponsoring agencies, completed transactions should ideally not need correction. However, in certain circumstances, changes are required to move expenses between research projects, expenditure types, or different types of funds at OHSU. This process, known as a cost transfer, is allowable only with proper justification, documentation, and approval. This Post-award Education Program (PEP) course moves step-by-step through general cost accounting standards as well as the stages involved in a cost transfer.

Course Materials:

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