Behavioral Interventions to Target Self-Control

Principal Investigator

Laura Carim Todd

Study Purpose

This study investigates the impact of (1) Health and Wellness Education and (2) Yoga on self-control in the context of nicotine addiction. Results will be used to inform and create future smoking cessation treatments in order to increase recovery rates.

Medical Condition(s)

Nicotine addiction.

Eligibility Criteria

Female and male adults between 18 and 75 years of age.
Regular smoker
In good general health
Fluent reading and speaking English
Possess a high school degree

Age Range

18 - 75

Healthy Volunteers Needed


Duration of Participation

Participation in the study entails a Screening Visit, and then if eligible, two morning visits to OHSU scheduled one week apart and daily home activities.
• Study Visit 1 (Screening Visit) is ~45 minutes and includes assessment of general health and smoking history, a pregnancy test (if female), confidential drug testing for research purposes only, saliva and breath samples, and questionnaires. Once eligibility is confirmed, Study Visit 1 and Study Visit 2 will be scheduled one week apart.
• Study Visit 2 is ~2 hours and includes a pregnancy test (if female), confidential drug testing for research purposes only, saliva and breath samples, questionnaires, computer tasks, and randomization to one of two behavioral interventions (Health and Wellness Education or Yoga)*
• Study Visit 3 is ~4 hours and requires abstaining from smoking for the 12 hours prior to the visit; the other activities are very similar to Study Visit 1
• Daily Home Practice between the visits and for the 4 weeks following Visit 2 entails watching 30-minute videos and possibly doing physical activity
*Please note that participants will not be able to choose which of the interventions they will be assigned to for the duration of the study; however, they will receive access to both interventions once their participation is complete.

Minors Included





Recruitment End


Compensation Provided



All subjects who complete Study Visit 1 (Screening Visit) will receive $10. If they are invited and complete Study Visit 2, participants will receive $40. If participants complete Study Visit 3, they will receive $100, which can increase by $5 according to their performance during an abstinence reinforcement task. All payments will be prorated at a rate of $12/hour for those who do not complete the second session. Participants will also receive a $10 gift card for completing the study. The only anticipated expenses to subjects are travel costs to and from OHSU, as well as the amount of time spent participating in the experiments and home practice activities.

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