VAPORHCS/OHSU J: Elucidating the Mechanisms that Mediate the Effects of Lipoic Acid in Multiple Sclerosis

Principal Investigator

Sonemany Salinthone

Study Purpose

The purpose of this study is to learn how immune cells collected from blood samples of volunteer subjects respond to the antioxidant, lipoic acid in the lab. This information may help in developing new therapies for the management of symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis.

Medical Condition(s)

Multiple Sclerosis and healthy controls

Eligibility Criteria

Subjects must be veterans at least 18 years of age and willing to provide informed consent. Subjest also must

1) Have a diagnosis of Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis or be a healthy volunteer
2) NOT have any current substance (except tobacco) or alcohol abuse issues
3) NOT be pregnant or breastfeeding
4) NOT have experienced a MS exacerbation within 30 days of enrollment in the study
5) NOT have any other significant inflammatory diseases or health problems (e.g. active coronary heart disease, diabetes mellitus, or an auto-immune disease)
6) NOT be taking anticoagulant medication such as Heparin, Coumadin, or daily aspirin
7) NOT have taken IV/oral steroids for at least 30 days prior to the blood draw
8) NOT have Anemia
9) NOT have an active infection (as indicated by a fever)
10) NOT have a history of bleeding disorders
11) Weigh >110 lbs

Age Range

18 - 100

Healthy Volunteers Needed


Duration of Participation

This study requires one visit which will last approximately 2 hours. Participants may also consent to future contact by a member of the study team in the event that additional blood samples are needed.

Minors Included



Sarah Egan, MPH
(503) 494-4614


Joshua George
(503) 220-8262 ext. 5-6612


The VA is the sponsor of this study (VA Merit Review Award)

Recruitment End


Compensation Provided



Subjects who are eligible and able to donate blood will be compensated $80 for their time and travel. Subjects who are determined to be ineligible to participate in the study prior to the blood draw will receive a minimum of $25.00 to compensate for their time and cost of travel.

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