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  IRB Fees - Industry Sponsored Research

The OHSU IRB charges an IRB use fee for review of industry sponsored clinical trials. The fees are for real expenses incurred and paid by the IRB in the process of reviewing protocols. IRB fees are considered as part of overhead costs or a budget line item.

Please note that IRB fees are charged even if subjects are never enrolled, the study terminates before milestones are met, expenditures exceed revenue, or a contract is never finalized. If there is uncertainty as to whether or not the contract will be finalized or the trial will actually go forward, sponsors may wish to delay incurring these charges until all plans are final. If you have questions about IRB fees, how they are charged, or wish to discuss these fees as they relate to a specific protocol, please contact David Holmgren at, 503-346-3528.

Please note that our policy will conform to the OHSU/Central Financial Services (CFS) policy where erroneous charges must be reported to the IRB within the same fiscal year or within 90 days of posting to an account ledger. For CFS policy, go to:

Review Category Fee Billed
Initial Applications $2,675.00
Continuing Applications $1,320.00
Modification Submission* $850.00
Administrative Termination Fee** $550.00

* This fee will be charged to all submissions to the IRB, with the exception of adverse experience reports, protocol violation reports, responses to IRB reviews, and administrative changes initiated by the investigator.

** Applies to all IRB approved protocols regardless of funding source: In the event the Principal Investigator/Coordinator fails to terminate a study, it may be necessary for the IRB to terminate it for them. Should Administrative Termination be necessary, the fee will be withdrawn from the Principal Investigator's department's account.