Software at OHSU

A general term primarily used for digitally stored data such as computer programs and other kinds of information read and written by computers.
Algorithmic software component, Algorithmic software suite
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Advanced Light Microscopy Core Laboratory

Jungers Center for Neurosciences Research, Contact: Kaech Petrie, Stefanie, Ph.D.

  • Imaris
  • MetaMorph
  • softWoRx
  • ZEN software

Bioanalytical Shared Resource/Pharmacokinetics Core Laboratory

Department of Physiology & Pharmacology, Contact: Koop, Dennis, Ph.D.

  • Agilent ChemStation
  • Analyst
  • LightSight
  • Xcalibur

Clinical Cytogenetics Laboratory

Department of Molecular & Medical Genetics, Oregon Health & Science University, Contact: Olson, Susan B., Ph.D.

  • Elekta AB PowerPath
  • Epic

DNA Sequence Analysis Shared Resource

Contact: Keller, Thomas J., PhD

  • 4Peaks
  • ABI 3130X Data Collection v.3.0
  • ABI Peak Scanner
  • Consed
  • Enzyme X
  • FinchTV
  • GeneMapper
  • Oligo
  • Phrap
  • Phred
  • Polyphred
  • Primer3
  • Sequence Scanner

Flow Cytometry Shared Resource

Contact: Boyd, Miranda

  • BD FACSDiva
  • FCS Express
  • FlowJo
  • ModFit LT
  • xPONENT┬« 3.1 Software

Gene Profiling Shared Resource Core Laboratory

Department of Behavioral Neuroscience, Contact: Harrington, Chris, Ph.D.

  • Affymetrix Microarray Suite
  • Bioconductor
  • GeneSifter
  • GenomeStudio
  • MetaCore
  • Partek Genomics Suite

Imaging and Morphology Support Core Laboratory

Oregon National Primate Research Center, Contact: Cornea, Anda, Ph.D.

  • ImageJ
  • Neurolucida
  • newCAST
  • SlideBook
  • Stereo Investigator
  • Volocity

Massively Parallel Sequencing Shared Resource

Contact: Carlos, Amy

  • SeqMonk

Molecular Virology Support Core

Division of Pathobiology & Immunology, Contact: Kahl, Christoph, Ph.D

  • Gen5 Secure

Oregon Clinical & Translational Research Institute Core Laboratory

Oregon Clinical & Translational Research Institute, Contact: Clemons, Aaron, B.Sc.

  • ABI DNA sequencing analysis software
  • ABI Prism Genescan and DNA sequencing analysis software
  • DNASTAR Sequence Alignment Software
  • GeneMapper

Proteomics Shared Resource Core Laboratory

Contact: David, Larry, Ph.D.

  • BioWorks
  • Mascot
  • Proteome Discoverer
  • Scaffold