Protocol at OHSU

a protocol is a plan specification which has sufficient level of detail and quantitative information to communicate it between domain experts, so that different domain experts will reliably be able to independently reproduce the process.
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Advanced Light Microscopy Core Laboratory

Jungers Center for Neurosciences Research, Contact: Kaech Petrie, Stefanie, Ph.D.

  • Dendra2 conversion protocol

Clinical Cytogenetics Laboratory

Department of Molecular & Medical Genetics, Oregon Health & Science University, Contact: Olson, Susan B., Ph.D.

  • Williams Syndrome detection using FISH protocol

DNA Sequence Analysis Shared Resource

Contact: Keller, Thomas J., PhD

  • Nucleic acid sample preparation for sequencing protocol

Endocrine Technology Support Core Laboratory

Oregon National Primate Research Center, Contact: Blue, Steven

  • Column chromatography protocol
  • Ethanol extraction protocol
  • Ether extraction protocol
  • Leydig cell bioassay protocol
  • Methanol extraction for monkey vasopressin protocol
  • Peptide iodination assay protocol
  • Steroid RIA reagent preparation protocol
  • Steroid RIA regular assay protocol
  • Steroid RIA super sensitive assay protocol

Flow Cytometry Shared Resource

Contact: Boyd, Miranda

  • Cell cycle analysis protocol
  • CellQuest setup and general use protocol
  • Flow cytometry sample preparation and use
  • General immunofluorescence staining using directly conjugated antibodies protocol
  • Intracellular staining protocol
  • LSR set up and general use protocol

Gene Profiling Shared Resource Core Laboratory

Department of Behavioral Neuroscience, Contact: Harrington, Chris, Ph.D.

  • Affymetrix microarray core 3'IVT expression assay methods assay
  • Affymetrix microarray core hybridization naming schema protocol
  • Affymetrix microarray core labeling methods standard labeling assay
  • Genotyping array protocols
  • RNA expression protocol

Imaging and Morphology Support Core Laboratory

Oregon National Primate Research Center, Contact: Cornea, Anda, Ph.D.

  • FRAP protocol
  • FRET protocol
  • FURA-2 protocol
  • Live-cell time-lapse imaging protocol

In Vivo Optical Imaging Center

Contact: Linder, Jonathan, M.D.

  • Determining luciferin kinetic curve for your model
  • Preparation of luciferin for in vitro and in vivo bioluminescent assays

Neuropathology Core

Department of Pathology, Contact: Woltjer, Randall, M.D., Ph.D.

  • Human brain dissection and tissue fixation protocol

Oregon Clinical & Translational Research Institute Core Laboratory

Oregon Clinical & Translational Research Institute, Contact: Clemons, Aaron, B.Sc.

  • DNA sequencing protocol
  • EBV transformation of B cells protocol
  • Nucleic acid isolation protocol
  • Preparation of samples for RNA/DNA microarray analysis protocol

Proteomics Shared Resource Core Laboratory

Contact: David, Larry, Ph.D.

  • iTRAQ labeling protocol
  • Mass spectrometry sample preparation protocol
  • PAW Pipeline Users guide
  • Protein chromatography protocol
  • Protein digestion protocol
  • Protein gel electrophoresis protocol
  • Proteomics Overview
  • Scaffold Viewer Users guide
  • Your co-PI experiment

Transgenic Mouse Model Shared Resource

Department of Comparative Medicine, Oregon Health & Science University, Contact: Fedorov, Lev, Ph.D.

  • DNA purification protocol
  • ES cell culture protocol
  • Generating MEFs protocol
  • Harvest for blastocyst injection
  • Implantation of injected embryos into pseudopregnant foster mother mice protocol
  • Mouse embyro generation protocol
  • Vasectomy of mice (males 6-8 weeks of age)