High performance liquid chromatography at OHSU

A liquid chromatography technique that can separate a mixture of compounds and is used in biochemistry and analytical chemistry to identify, quantify and purify the individual components of the mixture.
HPLC, High pressure liquid chromatography
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Bioanalytical Shared Resource/Pharmacokinetics Core Laboratory

Department of Physiology & Pharmacology, Contact: Koop, Dennis, Ph.D.

  • Thermo TSQ Quantum LC/MS/MS System
  • High performance liquid chromatography services
  • Mass spectrometry and HPLC sample preparation and data analysis
  • Agilent ChemStation

Lipid-Atherosclerosis Laboratory

http://ohsu.eagle-i.net/i/0000012c-f564-e9b3-8c3e-33d580000000, Contact: Duell, Paul Barton, M.D.

  • HPLC liquid chromatography system

Oregon Clinical & Translational Research Institute Core Laboratory

Oregon Clinical & Translational Research Institute, Contact: Clemons, Aaron, B.Sc.

  • Agilent HPLC fluorescence detector
  • Hewlett Packard 1200 HPLC system

Proteomics Shared Resource Core Laboratory

Contact: David, Larry, Ph.D.

  • Agilent Capillary liquid chromatography system
  • Eksigent Nano 2DLC chromatography system
  • Thermo Fisher Surveyor HPLC system
  • Waters nanoACQUITY UPLC chromatography system