DNA sequencing at OHSU

DNA sequencing is a sequencing process which uses deoxyribonucleic acid as input and results in a the creation of DNA sequence information artifact using a DNA sequencer instrument.
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ChIP-seq assay, Exome sequencing, Next generation sequencing
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DNA Sequence Analysis Shared Resource

Contact: Keller, Thomas J., PhD

  • ABI 3130xl genetic analyzer
  • 5X Sequencing Buffer
  • DNA sequence sample preparation service
  • Whole genome assembly DNA sequencing service
  • 4Peaks
  • ABI 3130X Data Collection v.3.0
  • ABI Peak Scanner
  • FinchTV
  • Phrap
  • Phred
  • Polyphred
  • Primer3

Massively Parallel Sequencing Shared Resource

Contact: Carlos, Amy

  • Bowtie
  • FastQC

Molecular and Cellular Biology Core Laboratory

Oregon National Primate Research Center, Contact: Jia, Yibing

  • ABI 3700xl DNA sequencer
  • Automated DNA sequencing

Oregon Clinical & Translational Research Institute Core Laboratory

Oregon Clinical & Translational Research Institute, Contact: Clemons, Aaron, B.Sc.

  • ABI Prism 3130XL Genetic Analyzer and Sequencer
  • ABI DNA sequencing analysis software
  • ABI Prism Genescan and DNA sequencing analysis software
  • DNASTAR Sequence Alignment Software