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Nathan Dieckmann Ph.D.

    • Associate Professor School of Nursing

Dr. Dieckmann leads the Statistical Core in the school of nursing. He provides statistical and research design support to faculty and students and teaches statistical methods. Particular areas of interest include structural equation models, complex (quasi) experimental design, psychometrics, meta-analysis, and big data analytics. Before coming to OHSU, Dr. Dieckmann worked as a statistical consultant in a variety of domains including health, the physical and social sciences, education, and business.

Dr. Dieckmann also conducts basic and applied research in the decision sciences, risk communication, and statistical methodology. His current work is focused on the development of decision aids, risk assessment tools, and methods for the effective presentation of uncertainty in a variety of domains. Other areas of interest include individual differences in numerical ability and how improving cognitive and decision making skills can lead to better health outcomes. Recent work in the area of statistics has focused on the appropriate use of meta-analytic methods in the behavioral sciences.

Conducts basic and applied research in judgment and decision making, risk communication, and statistical methodology; Expertise in structural equation modeling, complex (quasi) experimental designs, psychometrics, and meta-analysis.

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  • Ph.D., University of Oregon. 2007


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