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Kathleen L Lasater Ed.D.,R.N., A.N.E.F., F.A.A.N.

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    Portland Campus

    • Professor School of Nursing

My primary goal in nursing education is to prepare students to become excellent clinical thinkers through the integration of theory, research, and pedagogy. To that end, my secondary goal is to support, collaborate with, and mentor faculty colleagues to do same. Soon after my own baccalaureate education, I recognized that my thinking had been transformed. To understand that transformation and be able to foster it in students has been the driving passion of my practice as an educator and researcher in clinical judgment, employing strategies that support learning and the development of clinical judgment, such as active learning, case studies, and simulation.

My philosophy of teaching is rooted in my understanding of what it means to facilitate learning. Learners come with a wealth of background of life experiences and learning. My role as facilitator is to create a learning community from and in which everyone, including me, can learn from each other, and to stimulate that learning in ways that engage learners from diverse backgrounds. As an extension of learners from diverse backgrounds, I strongly support and facilitate interprofessional education.

My desire to continuously improve my own and others’ education practice has led me to build a program of nursing education research. I was a pioneer in simulation research, studying simulation’s impact on students’ clinical judgment development and have recently expanded my research to explore clinical judgment development of new graduate nurses.  Studies have often involved collaboration with research partners, including national and international.

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  • B.S., University of Oregon School of Nursing (now OHSU), Portland Oregon United States 1971
  • M.S., University of California, San Franciso, San Francisco California United States 1976
  • Ed.D., Portland State University, Portland Oregon United States 2005

Honors and awards

  • Fulbright Research Scholar, Edinburgh Napier University, UK--May - September, 2018


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