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Karen B. Eden Ph.D.

  • (503) 494-2456
    • Professor of Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology School of Medicine
    • Director of Clinical Track in Biomedical Informatics Graduate Program
    • Associate Director of PhD and postdoctoral programs
    • Associate Director of PCOR K12 program

Karen Beekman Eden, Ph.D, is professor in medical informatics and clinical epidemiology at OHSU School of Medicine, and is a scientist focused on patient decision making. The focus of her research career has been in translating evidence to help patients make informed decisions about their own health.  Dr. Eden has extensive experience in translating comparative effectiveness information into patient-friendly interactive decision aids that inform patients and prepare them for an informed discussion with a provider. These decision aids span a broad range of clinical topics including breast cancer screening, childbirth decision making after cesarean and domestic violence safety planning.  Her most recent work includes developing an app to help patients with diabetes select an health app to help manage their disease.


Dr. Eden is also a leader in the graduate program for biomedical informatics.  She serves on Graduate Council and the Graduate Program Steering Committee.  She is the associate director of the predoctoral and postdoctoral programs. As the clinical track director, she also provides ongoing academic advising to all clinical track fellows throughout their programs and oversees the qualifying exams for PhD students.  In addition to mentoring pre and postdoctoral students, she also mentors several K12 faculty members. 


Dr. Eden is past chair of the Women in Academic Medicine committee and currently serves on the Diversity Advisory Council and the OHSU Faculty Senate & Senate Executive Committee.


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  • Ph.D., Portland State University, Portland Oregon United States 1997

Honors and awards

  • OHSU Faculty Senate Service Award, 2017


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