Photo of Julie H. Carter, R.N., M.N., A.N.P.

Julie H. Carter R.N., M.N., A.N.P.

Co-Founder and past co-director of the OHSU Parkinson Center of Oregon (PCO) and Movement Disorders Program.

Ms. Carter received her B.S. and masters degrees at OHSU. She joined the OHSU movement disorders faculty in 1979 and is currently a professor of neurology.

As past director of education and outreach for the Parkinson Center of Oregon (PCO), she has developed many innovative programs to improve the lives of patients and families who live with Parkinson's disease. Notable programs are a newly diagnosed program for patients and families, a self-management program for people with PD and a palliative care program for people/families with PD. She is a popular speaker locally and nationally on a variety of topics related to the care of people and their families who have Parkinson's disease.

Research interests:

Ms. Carter's research interests include multiple clinical trials with a special interest in neuroprotective therapies. Other research interests include the impact of PD on family caregiving, palliative care and Parkinson’s disease, how best to deliver the diagnosis of PD, and the end-of-life experience in Parkinson's disease.

Ms. Carter's clinical practice, education, and research are dedicated solely to people and their families with Parkinson's disease.




  • B.S., OHSU, School of Nursing 1973


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