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Hiroko H. Dodge Ph.D.

    • Associate Professor of Neurology School of Medicine

In addition to her statistical expertise, her research interests cover a wide range of areas, including epidemiology of dementia, cross cultural comparisons on healthy aging between Okinawa, Japan and Oregon, collaborating with the Okinawa Centenarian Study project, application of demographic methods to clinical research, longitudinal data analyses and clinical trial methods. She recently created a Professional Interest Area (PIA) entitled "Clinical Trials Advancements and Outcomes" in the International Society to Advance Alzheimer's Research (ISTAART, an international AD research organization sponsored by the Alzheimer's Association). This PIA creates an international researchers' forum where innovative clinical trial approaches, developments of outcomes sensitive to trial effects, and unique non-pharmacological trials are being introduced and discussed.

Dr. Dodge's most recently completed NIA funded R01 examined whether stimulations through social interactions using modern communication technologies (pc, webcams and Internet) could improve cognitive functions.  Her current NIH-funded R01 projects are extensions of this previous study and examine the underlying mechanisms of improvement in cognitive functions using biomarkers.  She holds Fellow status at the Gerontological Society of America and serves as a statistical editor for several dementia related journals.

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  • Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University 1992


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