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Edward A. Neuwelt M.D.

    • Professor of Neurology School of Medicine
    • Neuroscience Graduate Program School of Medicine

After receiving his medical degree from the University of Colorado Medical School, Denver, in 1972, Dr. Neuwelt completed his neurosurgery residency at the University of Texas Southwest Medical School in Dallas. He continued his medical education by completing his neurosurgery fellowship at the Queen Square Hospital in London, England. His special interests include neurooncology and microsurgery. Dr. Neuwelt currently serves as the director of the Blood Brain Barrier Program, and the administrator of the Head and Spinal Cord Injury Prevention Program.

  • Residency:

    • Neurosurgery-University of Texas Southwest Medical School, Dallas
  • Fellowship:

    • Neurosurgery-Queen Square Hospital, London, England

Memberships and associations

  • Neurosurgery, 1980


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