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Faculty Research Interests

Lynn Boshkov, MD Deleterious effects of transfusion (including transfusion-related immunomodulation [TRIM] and transfusion-related acute lung therapy [TRALI}, Coagulation disorders in congenital cardiac surgery patients. Transfusions and coagulation in critical care and trauma.
Mick Scanlan, MD Transfusion Medicine.
Marjorie Grafe, MD, PhD Ischemic brain injury in the adult and neonates.
Sakir Humayun
Gultekin, MD
Development of novel diagnostic markers in Neuro-oncology.
Rita Braziel, MD Prognostic and therapeutic markers in malignant lymphomas.
Guang Fan, MD, PhD Protein expression profiling of lymphoma and leukemia.
Marc Loriaux, MD, PhD Tyrosine kinases in acute and chronic myelogenous leukemias.
Steven Kazmierczak, MD, DAB Data analysis techniques for assessment of laboratory test data. Evaluation and implementation of point-of-care techniques in the acute care setting. Investigation of albumin functional changes in disease by electronic spin resonance spectroscopy.
Richard Press, MD, PhD Novel molecular biomarkers for leukemia diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment resistance; genetic of iron.
Terry Morgan, MD, PhD Gynecopathology, including gynecologic oncology, placental pathology, and molecular mechanisms mediating renal function during pregnancy.
Christopher Corless, MD, PhD Molecular pathology of GI stromal tumors.
Antony Bakke, MD, PhD Cancer stem cells in CML.
Kent Spackman, MD, PhD Standardization of clinical terminology to support electronic health records.
David Farrell, MD, PhD The role of variant fibrinogen isoform in blood coagulation and coronary heart disease.
Ken Gatter, MD, JD Health law issues.
Megan Troxell, MD, PhD HImmunohistochemistry in diagnostic surgical pathology, renal allograft pathology, renal pathology, genitourinary pathology and breast pathology.
Douglas Weeks, MD, PhD Electron microscopy and immunocytochemistry of pediatric diseases, neoplastic and non-neoplastic. Enlarged spectrum of phenotypic extra-renal rhabdiod tumors. Diagnostic aids in classification of pediatric renal tumors.