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Oncologic Neuropathology

Besides the tissue diagnosis of CNS lesions, OHSU neuropathologists are actively involved in the care of CNS Tumor patients via participation in adult and pediatric Neuro-oncology tumor boards within the institution and as consultants for outside cases. Our diagnostic tools constantly evolve with the demands of modern CNS tumor therapy. We are involved in the development of new tumor tissue-based assays that guide the selection of therapy with the feedback we get from our clinical colleagues.

OHSU Neuropathology Division provides comprehensive diagnostic assessment of central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, and pituitary neoplasms with state-of-the-art histological, immunohistochemical, and ultrastructural methods. In addition, we utilize an expanding array of molecular probes on individual cases, such as the chromosome 1p-19q deletion FISH assay in oligodendrogliomas, in collaboration with Clinical Cytogenetics Department.

Consultations from outside institutions are accepted in the form of glass slides and tissue blocks. Accompanying clinical information (age, site, duration, symptoms, known systemic cancer) and radiological data is essential for accurate diagnostic assessment.

Our immunohistochemical armamentarium includes the following:

Click here for a complete immunohistochemical antibody list.

In collaboration with the Clinical Cytogentics Division of Deaprtment of Genetics, we also offer fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) testing on paraffin-embedded tissue sections for the following probes: