Neuropathology Fellow Responsibilities

The Neuropathology Fellow is responsible for the entire clinical service, with the exception of after-hours call (5 PM-8 AM). The Neuropathology faculty members are responsible for after-hours call.

Surgical Material:

  • Preview the daily surgical schedule and anticipate frozen sections. Review imaging studies and, when applicable, prior pathology slides before the frozen section.
  • Be proficient in preparing touch preparations and frozen sections on brain and muscle biopsies. Train and supervise AP residents and student fellows in the performance of touch preparations and frozen sections.
  • Review slides and assemble case materials (histories, imaging studies, cytologies) prior to signout sessions with attending Neuropathologist; generate tentative and differential diagnoses.
  • Review and approve all resident gross and microscopic dictations.
  • Generate complete surgical pathology reports in a timely fashion.
  • Maintain professional communication with allied professionals, including the gross room assistants, histology technicians, and administrative staff.
  • Communicate diagnosis to neurosurgeon/oncologist/neurologist/rheumatologist verbally/by phone when necessary.
Autopsy Material:
  • Be available for neuropathology consultation during all autopsies.
  • Be proficient in the removal of the brain and spinal cord.
  • Perform special autopsy procedures (e.g. removal of CSF, peripheral nerve and ganglia).
  • Oversee brain cutting.
  • Be proficient in gross and microscopic descriptions of autopsy brains.
  • Evaluate microscopic slides and formulate final diagnoses.
  • Review and approve all resident gross and micro autopsy dictations.
  • Complete 200 autopsy neuropathology examinations and reports (over 2 yeaers).
  • Review with the residents their service responsibilities, particularly at the beginning of the rotation.
  • Assume teaching duties commensurate with knowledge and experience.
  • Participate in lab teaching for the SOM Neuroscience course.
  • Participate in all required conferences.
  • Personally or indirectly staff all neuropathology conferences.
Professional Development:
  • Oversee Tuesday 8 AM QA Conference.
  • Work effectively with allied professionals and ancillary staff.
  • Prepare abstract and present research at a national meeting.
  • Prepare manuscript(s) for publication.
  • Maintain documentation of professional development.
Lines of Responsibility and Supervision:

The fellow is the first point of contact for all clinical service responsibilities during regular working hours (8 AM to 5 PM). A supervising teaching faculty is always designated and available in person. Other faculty members may be available by scheduled appointment, phone or pager. The fellow will generate autopsy and surgical pathology reports; verification of the final content and accuracy of the report are the responsibility of the attending faculty member.