NP Fellowship: Methods of evaluation

This is a working document, intended for review of current methods of evaluation for the fellow, faculty and program. This is a supplement to the NP Fellowship Evaluation Methods policy and the NP Goals and Core Competencies document.

Verinform quarterly evaluations have been revised to be specific for fellow.

Semi-annual summative evaluations (see attached form).

Daily feedback from staff at sign-out, conference preparation, conference presentations, QA conference.

Case logs
            Autopsy (Powerpath)
                        Separate manual list of forensic cases
            Surgical Pathology (Powerpath)
                        Includes frozen sections
            Neuromuscular (Powerpath)

Procedure check list
            (under development: need to define tasks, procedures)

360 evaluation (Interpersonal communication skills, professionalism, systems based practice). Under development (as for all pathology residents)
            histology technicians, muscle biopsy technician
            office staff
            residents/student fellows

Evaluations of lectures, Grand Rounds presentations (written, standard forms)

Other Portfolio items
           Complex cases reviewed and revised by faculty member, changes reviewed with fellow

M. Grafe, 2/18/06
Revised 9/5/06 MG