This site is primarily designed for pathology residents as an aid to learning microbiology. All images are originals taken at OHSU or an affiliated laboratory of organisms grown on agar, unless otherwise noted. Alex Bolinder is the site administrator. If you have comments, suggestions or would like to contribute to the site please contact him via email at bolinder@ohsu.edu.


A few explanations

As you browse the site a few explanations may be helpful. The category "gram stain" includes whether the organism is gram positive or negative and whether it has a coccus or bacillus shape. This is to encourage the learner to put the organisms first in a general category, i.e., Gram-Positive cocci. The category "morphology" is used to denote any special, sometimes subtle, gram stain characteristics than could be useful when differentiating the organism from other similar bacteria. The other categories, "Growth characteristics", "Test Profile" and "Description") have been limited to only the most salient features. This list is not intended to be all encompassing or replace microbiology textbooks. The idea is to have a ready list of bacteria that pathology residents should have a working knowledge of. A condensed list is available to be printed off.


Click here to download a printable working bacteria list in PDF format.



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