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Michael Cascio, MD
Hematopathologist & Surgical Pathologist
Rank: Assistant Professor
Clinical Services: Hematopathology, Surgical Pathology
Clinical Interests: Hematopathology, in particular, the diagnosis and classification of nodal and extranodal lymphomas; general surgical pathology.
Research Interests: Discovery of novel diagnostic and prognostic markers in hematolymphoid neoplasms.
2007    MD, University of Nevada School of Medicine


2007-2012    Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Residency, University of California San Francisco
2010-2011    Surgical Pathology Fellowship, University of California San Francisco
2012-2013    Hematopathology Fellowship, Stanford University
2013 Hematology
2012 Anatomic and Clinical Pathology
Previous Position:
Selected References:
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