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Peter Jacky, PhD
Director, Cytogenetics/Molecular Genetics
Rank: Adjunct Professor
Clinical Services:
Clinical Interests:
Research Interests: Chromosome Structure and Function Heritable Fragile Sites on Human Chromosomes Trinucleotide Repeat Disorders FRAXA/E Syndromes Confidentiality of Genetic Information
1974     Portland State University, Portland, Oregon, BSc Biology
1976     Portland State University, Portland, Oregon, MSc Biology
1980     University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, PhD Genetics
1987     Clinical Cytogenetics, Diplomate, American Board of Medical Genetics,PhD Medical Genetics, Diplomate,              American Boar
Previous Position:
1981-83   Cytogeneticist-Senior Hospital Scientist, Dept. of Histopathology, Adelaide Children’s Hospital, North                 Adelaide, S. A. 5006, Australia
1980-81   Staff Scientist, MRC Clinical and Population Cytogenetics Unit, Western General Hospital, Crewerd,
                Edinburgh, Scotland.
Selected References:
  • Burman, RW, Popovich, BW, Jacky, PB, Turker, MS. Fully expanded FMR1 CGG repeats exhibit a length- and differentiation-dependent instability in cell hybrids that is independent of DNA methylation. Hum. Molec. Genet. 8:2293-2302, 1999.
  • Jacky, PB et al. Guidelines for the preparation and analysis of the fragile X chromosome in lymphocytes. Am J Med Genet 38:400-403, 1991.
  • Jacky, PB, Beek, B, Sutherland, GR: Fragile sites on chromosomes: A model for the study of spontaneous chromosome breakage? Science 220:69-70, 1983.
  • Humphries, RK, Jacky, PB, Eaves, CJ: CFU-S in individual erythroid colonies derived in vitro from adult mouse marrow. Nature 279:718-720, 1979.

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