OHSU Partnership Project

"I've been receiving services since 2005 and I firmly believe it is the best thing that could have happened for my health!"
(statement from Client Satisfaction Survey)

Partnership Project


Partnership Project, developed in 1995, is a consortium of 13 public and private medical and social services agencies in the Portland metropolitan area. The participating agencies contribute staff, financial support and expertise to form the Partnership Project. This collaborative effort extends each agency's human, fiscal, and programmatic resources, and maximizes community resources by eliminating duplication, increasing inter-agency awareness and providing multiple service access points.

Partnership Project provides comprehensive client-centered case management services to clients and to the family members who constitute their major support system. Nurse and social work case managers assure that eligible HIV positive individuals have access to health insurance and to a complex array of other allied health and support services that assist them to maintain focus on their on-going health and medical care regimen. Our nurse and social work case managers work on-site at five major HIV medical care clinics in our geographic area, and have strong working and referral relationships with all others.

Partnership Project also provides risk reduction counseling to people living with HIV/AIDS and those at risk of acquiring HIV.

In addition to our consortium health system members, we have long-standing relationships and serve patients of Kaiser Permanente Infectious Disease Clinic, Fanno Creek Clinic, and Providence St. Vincent Medical Center.

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