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    Journal Collection [back to top]

    Alcohol 1984-present Missing:    '87:Jan   '98: Jun, Jul
    Alcohol & Drug Research 1985-87 Missing:   '87:7(3)
    Alcohol: Health & Research World 1987-present Missing:   '88:12(3)   '89:13(1)  '91:15(3)  '92:16(2,4)  '94:18(3)  '96:20(1&3)   '97:21(2)   '98:22(1,3,4); JCC keeps in his office: By permission only:  '92:16(4)   '96:20(1)   '98:22(1)  '00:24(2)
    Alcoholism: Clin & Exper Research 1980-present Missing:   '84:8(5)   '88:12(6)   '89:13(4)   '90:14(3)   '91:15(4);  JCC keeps in his office: By permission only: '95:19(4)  '96:20(8) Nov suppl;  TJP keeps in her office: By permission only: '89:13(4)   '90:14(3)   '91:15(4) 
    American Psychologist 1990-97 Missing:  90:45(1-10,12)   '91:46(8)   '95:50(2-4)
    Behavior Genetics 1970-present Missing:  '96:26(5,6)   '97:27(2)   '98:28(1)   "99:29(5); TJP office: By permission only: '96:26(3,5,6)  '97:27(2)  '98:28(1)  '99:29(5)
    Behavioral Neuroscience 1996 Includes:  vol 97-107  and 1996
    Behavioural Brain Research 1995-present Missing:   '95/'96:73   '98:93;94(2);95   '99:98(2);99(1);  JCC keeps in his office: By permission only: '98:95(1)
    Drug & Alcohol Dependence 1979-83 Includes:  '79-'81 all     '82:10(4)     '83:11(1);  JCC keeps in his office: By permission only:  51(1-2)
    Exper & Clin Psychopharmacology 1994-97 Missing:   '97:6(4)
    FASEB Journal 1990-91 Includes:  Juy '90 - Dec '91
    JAX Notes 1999-present Includes:  Spr '99 - 
    J. of ABMRF 1993-97 Missing:   '93(3,4)   '94:4(1)   '95:5(3)   '96:6(3)   '97:7(4)
    J. of Compara & Physiol Psychology 1947-82 Includes: vol 40-50, 52-59, 61-2, 65-83, 86-9, 92-6
    J. of Exper Psychology: General 1991-94 Missing:  '92:121(3)
    J. of Exper Psycho: Hum Perc & Perf 1994 Complete
    J. of Exper Psycho: Learn,Mem,&Cog 1991-95 Includes:  '91all   '92:18(1)   '94 all   '95:21(1)
    J. of NIH Research  (no longer published) 1989-97 Missing:   '90:2(1,6,7,10)   '91:3(1)   '92:4(4)   '93:5(3,8)   '94:6(1,7,9-11)    '95:7(1,3,6,8)   '96:8(1,6,10,11)   '97:9(2,3,6,8,10)
    J. of Psychopharmacology 1990-present Missing:   '90:4(1)   '915(4)   '97:11(1)
    J. of Pharmacol & Exper Therapeutics 1995-98 Includes:  '95:277(1) - '98:285(2)
    Mammalian Genome 1993-present Missing:   '98:9(12);  JCC keeps in his office: By permission only: '98:9(12)  & Spec Issues '98; '99
    Molecular Neurobiology 1987-88 Complete
    Mouse Newsletter / Mouse Genome  (no longer published) 1980-97 Includes:  '80-'88 partial   '93 all   '94:92(2,4)   '95 all   '96:94(2-4)   '97 all;  JCC keeps in his office: By permission only: '92(3)
    Nature Genetics 1996-present Includes:  all from '96 Oct 14(2)
    Nature Neuroscience 1998-present Begins '98 May 1(1)         Missing:  '98:1(8)   '99:2(5)
    Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biol 2003-present Begins '03 Oct 4(10)
    Nature Reviews Neuroscience 2003-present Begins '03 Oct 4(10)
    Neurogenetics 1998-present Missing:  '98:1(1,2,3)
    Neuroscience & Biobehav Reviews 1977-99 Missing:   '85:9(2,3)   '90:14(3,4)   '91: all   '96:20(234)
    NIAAA Research Monograph   Includes:  20, 22-23, 26-35
    NIDA Research Monograph   Includes:  26, 28, 33-4, 36-7, 39, 41-5, 49-50, 52, 54, 161
    Pharmacology Biochemistry & Behav 1973-present Missing:   '79:10(6)   '88:30(3)
    Physiology & Behavior 1992-93 Includes:   '92 all   '93:53(1-3)
    Proc West Pharmacology Soc 1991-92 Complete
    Psychological Bulletin 1991-92 Includes:  '91 all   '92:111(1)
    Society for Neurosci Abstracts 1983-present Missing:   '85:all   '97:all
    Substance & Alc Actions/Misuse 1980-85 Includes:  '80:1(1,2,5/6)  '84:5(5)   '84/'85:5(6)
    Trends in Neurosciences 1982-present Includes:   '82:5(7)   '83 none   '84:7(5-9,11)   '85:8(2,6-9)   '86 none '87 none   '88 all   '89:12(1-3,5-12)   '90 all   '91 all   '92:15(2-9,11-12)   '93:16(1-5,7-12)   '94:17(2-12)   '95:18(1-8,11-12)   '96 all   '97 all   '98 all   '99:22(1-  )
    Trends in Pharmacological Sciences 1986-present Includes:  '86:7(9)   '87: none   '88:9(12)   '89:10(1,4,6,7,9,11,12)  '90:11(1,4-9,12)   '91:12(1,5,7,9)   '92:13(9,12)   '93:14(6,12)   '94:15(1,5,11)   '95:16(2,3,5-7,11)   '96:17(1-3,7-10) '97:18(1-4,7-11)   '98:19(1,2,5-7,9)   '99:20(1-3,8)   '00:21(2- )

    Books [back to top]

    Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Fetal Alcohol Effects 1984 Abel
    Neuroscience 1985 Abelson, Butz & Snyder (Editors)
    Encyclopedia of Neuroscience (Vol. II) 1987 Adelman (Editor)
    Encyclopedia of Neuroscience (Vol. I) 1987 Adelman (Editor)
    Testing and Evaluation of Drugs of Abuse 1990 Adler & Cowan (Editors)
    Alcoholism: The Science Made Easy 2004 Addition Technology Transfer Center
    Living Chemistry 1942 Ahrens, Bush, & Easley
    Molecular Biology of the Cell 1983 Alberts, Bray, Lewis, Raff, Roberts & Watson
    Molecular Biology of the Cell 1989 Alberts, Bray, Lewis, Raff, Roberts; & Watson
    Alcoholics Anonymous 1939 Alcoholics Anonymous 
    Alcoholics Anonymous 1976 Alcoholics Anonymous 
    Sensory Processes 1967 Alper, Lawrence & Wolsk
    Diagonstic Criteria From DSM-III-R 1987 American Psychiatric Association
    Annual Review of Neuroscience 1978-95 Annual Reviews (Publisher)  Missing:   1981-87
    Annual Review of Psychology 1970-present Annual Reviews (Publisher) Missing:   '71  '72  '74  '96
    The Effects of Fear on Exploratory Behavior in the Rat 1978 Aulich
    Drug Addiction: Physiological, Psychological, and Sociological Aspect 1958 Ausubel
    Neurotransmitters and Cortical Function: From Molecules to Mind 1988 Avoli; Reader; Dykes; Gloor (Editors)
    Neuroendocrinology of Vasopressin Corticoliberin and Opiomelanocortins 1982 Baertsch & Dreifuss (Editors)
    At the Helm: a Laboratory Navigator 2002 Barker
    Strategies for Studying the Roles of Peptides in Neuronal Function 1982 Barker (Organizer)
    The World of the Cell 1986 Becker
    Addiction 1982 Berger
    GABAergic Synaptic Transmission: Molecular, Pharmacological, and Clinical Aspects 1992 Biggio; Concas; Costa (Editors)
    Mechanics of the Mind 1983 Blakemore
    Psychopharmacology: The Fourth Generation of Progress 1995 Bloom, Kupfer (Editors)
    Handbook of Abusable Drugs 1984 Blum
    Alcoholism: Modern Psychologyical Approaches to Treatment 1969 Blum & Blum
    Alcohol and the Addictive Brain 1991 Blum & Payne
    Genetics, Evolution, and Man 1976 Bodmer & Cavalli-Sforza
    Neuromethods: Drugs as Tools in Neurotransmitter Research 1989 Boulton, Baker & Juorio (Editors)
    Alcoholism: Progress in Research and Treatment 1973 Bourne & Fox
    The Neurobiology of Computation: The Proceedings of the Third Annual Computation and Neural Systems Conference 1995 Bower (Editor)
    Licit & Illicit Drugs 1972 Brecher
    Psychological, Neuropsychiatric, and Substance Abuse Aspects of AIDs 1988 Bridge, Mirsky & Goodwin (Editors)
    Medical Microbiology 1991 Brooks, Butel & Ornston
    Neuroactive Peptides 1980 Burgen, Kosterlitz, & Iversen (Organizers)
    Annual Review of Genetics 1993 Campbell, Anderson & Jones (Editors)
    Alcoholism & Society 1962 Chafetz & Demone
    Concise Pathology 1991 Chandrasoma & Taylor
    Narcotic Drugs: Biochemical Pharmacology 1971 Clout (Editor)
    Central Nervous System Effects of Hypothalamic Hormones and Other Peptides 1979 Collu; Barbeau; Ducharme; Rochefort (Editors)
    Brain Neurotransmitters and Hormones 1982 Collu; Ducharme; Barbeau; Tolis (Editors)
    Comparation Psychology 1972 Cooper
    Research on the Treatment of Narcotic Addiction 1983 Cooper; Altman; Brown & Czechowicz (Editors)
    Annual Review of Neuroscience (Vol. 1-3, 11-18) 1995 Cowan,  Shooter, Stevens & Thompson (Editors)
    Thermoregulatory Mechanisms and Their Therapeutic Implications 1979 Cox, Lomax, Milton & Schonbaum (Editors)
    Effects of D-Amphetamine on Learning and Memory in Inbred and Hybrid Mice 1973 Crabbe
    An Introduction to the Neurosciences 1972 Curtis; Jacobson; Marcus
    Hormones and the Brain 1980 De Wied & Van Keep (Editors)
    Advances in Neurology 1986 Delgado-Escueta; Ward; Woodbury; Porter (Editor)
    The Physiological Basis of Memory 1973 Deutsch
    Short-Term Memory 1975 Deutsch & Deutsch (Editors)
    Animal Physiology: Mechanisms & Adaptations 1988 Eckert, Randall, & Augustine
    Synaptic Function 1987 Edelman; Gall; Cowan (Editors)
    Psychopharmacology: A Review of Progress 1957-1967 Efron
    Organic Chemistry 1989 Ege
    Trends in NeuroSciences 1986 Elsevier
    Right and Reason: Ethics in Theory and Practice 1976 Fagothey
    A Ph.D. Is not Enough! 1998 Feibelman
    Genetics and Genomics Neurobehavioral Disorders 2003 Fisch (Editor)
    Antidiuretic Hormane 1979 Forsling
    Ethical and Legal Issues in Pedigree Research 1993 Frankel  & Teich
    The Genetic Fronteir: Ethics, Law and Policy 1994 Frankel & Teich (Editors)
    Molecules of the Mind: The Brave New Science of Molecular Psychology 1987 Franklin
    Survey of Functional Neuroanatomy 1981 Garoutte
    TWIN RESEARCH 3: Part C. Epidemiological and Clinical Studies 1981 Gedda, Parisi & Nance (Editors)
    Developmental Biology 1988 Gilbert
    The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics (Seventh Edition)  1985 Gilman, Goodman, Rall, & Murad (Editors)
    Addiction: From Biology to Drug Policy 2001 Goldstein
    Catecholamines: Bridging Basic Science with Clinical Medicine 1998 Goldstein; Eisenhofer
    The Pharamacological Basis of Therapeutics (Fifth Edition) 1975 Goodman & Gilman (Editors)
    The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics (Sixth Edition) 1980 Goodman & Giman (Editors)
    Experimental Psychopharmacology 1987 Greenshaw & Dourish
    Human Subjects Research: A Handbook for Institutional Review Boards 1982 Greenwald; Ryan; Mulvihill (Editors)
    How to Write and Illustrate a Scientific Paper 2003 Gustavii
    Interactions Among Central Nervous System, Neuroendocrine and Immune Systems 1989 Hadden, Masek & Nistico (Editors)
    Reproduction and Breeding Techniques for Laboratory Animals 1970 Hafez
    Fundamentals of Physics 1981 Hallida & Resnick
    Experimental Psycholbiology 1969 Hart (Editor)
    The Condensed Chemical Dictionary 1977 Hawley (Reviser)
    Thermoreception and Temperature Regulation 1981 Hensel
    Biological/Genetic Factors in Alcoholism 1983 Hesselbrock, Shaskan & Meyer (Editors)
    Principles of Medical Statistics 1961 Hill
    Mankind in the Making: The Story of Human Evolution 1959 Howells
    Centrally Acting Peptides 1978 Hughes (Editor)
    Beharioral Pharmacology 1975 Iversen & Iversen
    Neurotransmitters and Epilepsy 1987 Jobe & Laird (Editors)
    Mechanisms of Memory 1967 John
    How Do We Know We Are Making a Difference?  A community alcohol, tobacco, and drug indicators handbook 2005 Join Together
    Cellular Basis of Behavior: An Introduction to Behavioral Neurobiology 1976 Kandel
    Principles of Neural Science (Second Edition) 1985 Kandel & Schwartz
    Human Behavior Genetics 1976 Kaplan (Editor)
    Nerve, Muscle, and Synapse 1966 Katz
    Human Rights & Psychological Research: A Debate on Psychology & Ethics 1975 Kennedy (Editor)
    Loosening the Grip: A Handbook of Alcohol Information 2000 Kinney
    Deviance and Decency: The Ethics of Research with Human Subjects 1979 Klockars & O'Connor (Editors)
    The Act of Creation 1964 Koestler
    Neuroendocrinology 1980 Krieger & Hughes (Editors)
    From Neuron to Brain 1984 Kuffler, Nicholls, & Martin
    Introduction to Psychopharmacology 1983 Lader
    Pharmacology: Drug Action and Reactions 1978 Levine
    Series in Experimental Psychology 1975 Levitt
    Human Genetics 1961 Li
    Stochastic Models in Population Genetics 1977 Li (Editor)
    Hormonal Proteins and Peptides (Vol. 5; 10) 1981 Li (Editor)
    Pharmacogenomics: The Search for Individualized Therapies 2002 Licinio & Wong (Editors)
    Medicine and Mental Illness 1991 Lickey & Gordon
    Design and Analysis of Experiments 1953 Lindquist
    Psychopharmacology: A Generation of Progress 1978 Lipton; DiMascio; Killman
    Neurochemical Mechanisms of Opiates and Endorphins 1979 Loh & Ross (Editors)
    Envirornment, Drugs and Thermoregulation 1982 Lomax & Schonbaum (Editors)
    On Aggression 1963 Lorenz
    LSD and Alcoholism: A Clinical Study of Treatment Efficacy 1970 Ludwig; Levine; Stark
    The Mind of a Mnemonist 1968 Luria
    The Origins of Genome Achitechture 2007 Lynch
    Cell Biology of Addiction 2006 Madras, Colvis, Pollock, Rutter, Shurtleff, von Zastrow (Editors)
    Mechanisms of Animal Behavior 1966 Marler; Hamilton III
    Neuropepides and Neural Transmission 1980 Marsan &Traczyk
    Measuring Behaviour 2007 Martin and Bateson
    Endogenous Peptides and Learning and Memory Processes 1981 Martinez, Jr.; Jensen; Messing; Righter; McGaugh (Editors)
    The Drinking Man: Alcohol and Human Motivation 1972 McClelland; Davis; Kalin; Wanner
    Memory Consolidation 1972 McGaugh & Herz
    The Chemistry of Mood, Motivation, and Memory 1972 McGaugh (Editor)
    Molecular Neruobiology of the Mamalian Brain 1978 McGeer, Eccles, & McGeer
    Counterblast 1969 McLuhan
    Epilepsy: New Anticonvulsant Drugs 1986 Meldrum; Porter (Editors)
    Human Genetics: Readings on the Implications of Genetic Engineering 1975
    Molecular Biology and Biotechnology 1995 Meyers (Editor)
    On the Origin of Species 1968 Montagu
    Introduction to the Practice of Statistics 1989 Moore & McCabe
    Sensory Psychology 1965 Mueller
    Vitamins and Hormones 1979 Munson; Glover; Diczfalusy; Olson
    Falculty Tenure: Commision on Academic Tenure 1973 N/A
    Advisor, Teacher, Role Model, Friend 1997 National Academy of Sciences
    Careers in Science & Engineering 1996 National Academy of Sciences
    The DNA Mystique (2004/2007 preface and conclusion) 2007 Nelkin and Lindee
    The CIBA Collection of Medical Illustrations 1962 Netter
    Alcohol and Cancer: Report to the Extramural Advisory Board 2010 NIAAA NIH
    Alcohol Epidemiological Data Directory 2008 2008 NIAAA NIH
    Better Safe Than Sorry Curriculum NIAAA NIH
    Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: Report to the Extramural Advisory Board 2007 NIAAA NIH
    Helping Patients Who Drink Too Much –  A Clinician's Guide (manual and ppt) 2005 NIAAA NIH
    Mechanisms of Behavior Change Research Initiative Strategic Research Plan: Report to the Extramural Advisory Board 2006 NIAAA NIH
    Medications Development Team: Report to the Extramural Advisory Board 2005 NIAAA NIH
    NIAAA Science and Health Communications Activities: Report to the Extramural Advisory Board 2008 NIAAA NIH
    Prescribing Medications for Alcohol Dependence (updated 2008) 2008 NIAAA NIH
    Research Findings on College Drinking and the Minimum Legal Drinking Age 2008 NIAAA NIH
    Research Findings on Underage Drinking and the Minimum Legal Drinking Age 2008 NIAAA NIH
    Rethinking Drinking: Alcohol and Your Health 2009 NIAAA NIH
    Stress and Alcohol Relapse: Report to the Extramural Advisory Board 2009 NIAAA NIH
    Sigma-RBI eHandbook of Receptor Classification and Signal Transduction, 4th ed. (Searchable update is freely available online at Sigma)  2001 Sigma
    Parents: Help Your Teen Party Right at Graduation 2009 NIAAA NIH
    New Year, Old Myths, New Fatalities 2008 NIAAA NIH
    Fall Semester - A Time For Parents To Discuss the Risks of College Drinking 2007 NIAAA NIH
    Parents--Spring Break is Another Important Time to Discuss College Drinking 2007 NIAAA NIH
    NIAAA Surveillance Reports:  49-86 Alcohol-related traffic fatalities; liver cirrhosis mortality, per capita consumption, etc. NIAAA NIH
    Understanding Alcohol: Investigations into Biology and Behavior  2003 NIAAA NIH Biological Sciences Curriculum Study
    NIAAA Special Reports to the U.S. Congress on Alcohol and Health NIAAA NIH DHHS PHS 5th (1987) 7th (1990) 8th (1993) 10th (2000)
    NIDA Clinical Toolbox                Science-based manuals for treatment providers 2000 NIDA NIH
    Frontiers in Addiction Research 2007 NIDA NIH
    SPSS 1970 Nie; Hull; Jenkins; Steinbrenner; Bent
    State Trends in Alcohol-Related Mortality, 1979-92. U.S. Alcohol Epidemiologic Data Reference Manual, Volume 5 1996 NIH
    U.S. Alcohol Epidemiologic Data Reference Manual, Vol. 8, No. 1., January 2006: Alcohol Use and Alcohol Use Disorders in the United States: Main Findings from the 2001-2002 National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions (NESARC) 2006 NIH
    U.S. Apparent Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages Based on State Sales, Taxation, or Receipt Data. U.S. Alcohol Epidemiologic Data Reference Manual, Volume 1, Third Edition 1997 NIH
    U.S. Apparent Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages Based on State Sales, Taxation, or Receipt Data. U.S. Alcohol Epidemiologic Data Reference Manual, Volume 1, Fourth Edition (2004/updated 2007) 2007 NIH
    Project MATCH Series: Volume 3 Cognitive-Behavioral Coping Skills Therapy Manual 1995 NIH Pub. No. 94-3724
    Project MATCH Series: Volume 6 Improving Compliance with Alcoholism Treatment 1997 NIH Pub. No. 97-4143
    Portland Profile: Trends in Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse in the Tri-County Area 2005 Oregon Partnership
    Media Training Guide for Investigators 2009 Oregon Partnership, Portland Alcohol Research Center
    Emerging Concepts of Alcohol Dependence 1977 Pattison, Sobell & Sobell
    The Emergence of Man 1969 Pfeiffer
    Alcohol and Alcoholism 1970 Popham (Editor)
    Common Curriculum Goals, Content Standards and Benchmarks: Health Education 2005 Portland Public Schools
    Brain Mechanisms and Abnormal Behavior 1980 Praag, Lader, Rafaelsen & Sachar (Editors)
    Treatment for Stimulant Use Disorders 1990 Rawson
    Scientific Report 1988-89 Research Institue of Scripps Clinics
    The Brain 1984 Restak
    Alcohol Tolerance and Dependence 1980 Rigter, Crabbe (Editors)
    The Conscious Brain 1976 Rose
    Part One: Calculus One and Several Variable 1986 Salas, Hille & Anderson
    Heredity, Fighting Experience and Odour Cues: Factors Determining the Aggressive Interaction in Mice 1986 Sandnabba
    Dangerous Properties of Industrial Materials 1975 Sax
    The Neurosciences 1970 Schmitt
    Thermoregulation Physiology and Biochemistry 1990 Schonbaum &  Lomax (Editors)
    Behavioral Pharmacology The Current Statu 1985 Seiden & Balster (Editors)
    Neurobiology 1983 Sheperd
    The Synaptic Organization of the Brain 1983 Sheperd
    Neurobiology 1983 Sheperd
    Neurobiology 1988 Shepherd
    Nature and Nurture in Alcoholism 1972 Siexas; Omenn; Burk; Eggleston (Editors)
    Neuroscience: A Laboratory Manual 1971 Skinner
    The Brain: Towards an Understanding 1970 Smith
    Uppers and Downers 1973 Smith & Wesson (Editors)
    Madness and the Brain 1974 Snyder
    Inhibitory RNAs in Neuroscience (Short Course II) 2007 Society for Neuroscience
    What's Wrong with My Mouse? Strategies for Rodent Behavior Phenotyping (Short Course I) 2007 Society for Neuroscience
    Biomentry  1969 Sokal & Rohlf
    The Brattelboro Rat 1982 Sokol; Valtin (Editors)
    Human Genetics 1986 Springer & Verlag
    Memory and Brain 1987 Squire
    Inbred Strains Bibliography (Old) 1983 STAATS  [Expandable brown folder in Misc. Journals]
    Biochemistry (Third Edition) 1988 Stryer
    An Introduction to Genetic Analysis 1976 Suzuki; Griffiths; Miller; Lewontin
    Textbook of Psychiatry 1988 Talbott, Hales & Yudofsky (Editors)
    Principles of Endocrine Pharmacology 1986 Thomas & Keenen
    Behavioral Pharmacology 1968 Thompson & Schuster
    Forward Together: Industry and Academia 1993 Turner & Bennet
    Enhancing Motivation for Change in Substance Abuse Treatment 1999 US Department of Health and Human Services
    Marihuana: A Signal of Misunderstanding 1972 US Government
    Psychotropic Drugs and Related Compounds 1972 Usdin
    Biochemistry 1990 van Holde
    Cholinergic Mechanisms 1975 Waser (Editor)
    SIGMA-RBI Handbook of Receptor Classification and Signal Transduction, 4th edition 2001 Watling, editor;  Sigma-RBI, Natick MA;  volume located in Rm 101-605
    Neuropeptides and Brain Function 1986 Wied (Editor)
    Numbers: A Primer of Data Analysis 1985 Wike
    Recent Advances in the Psychobiology of the Depressive Illness 1972 Williams; Katz; Shield
    The  Merck Index (Tenth Edition) 1983 Windholz (Editor)
    The Machinery of the Brain 1963 Wooldridge

    CDs [back to top]

    Univ of Tenn (Memphis) Database 2000 Informatics Center for Mouse Neurogenetics by R. Williams (Version 1.5)

    Newsletters [back to top]

    Alcohol Alert 1994-present Includes:   '94(23,24,26)   '95(30)   '96(34)   '97 none   '98(39,41)   '99(43-  )
    FIDAR Notes (currently web only) 1996-97 Includes only:   '96(6)   '97(8)
    NIAAA Newsletter 1996, 1998 Includes:   '96 Dec (38-41)    '98 Dec (46-48)
    NIDA Notes 1993-present Missing:   '93:8(5)   '94:9(1,3)   '95:10(2,4)   '96:11(1,5)   '98:13(1,4)
    NI Justice Drug Use Forecast 1994 Single Annual Issue
    Neuroscience Newsletter 1994-98 Includes:   '94:25(5)   '95:26(3)   '96:27(1-3,5,6)   '97:28(1,2,4)   '98:29(2)

    Videotapes [back to top]

    NIDA Assessment
    NIDA Dual Diagnosis
    NIDA Treatment Issues for Women
    NIDA Relapse Prevention
    NIDA Drug Abuse and the Brain
    Drug Abuse / Treatment Series Drugs at Work: Employer Version
    Drug Abuse / Treatment Series Drugs at Work: Employee Version
    Drug Abuse / Treatment Series Drug Abuse & HIV: Reaching Those at Risk
    Drug Abuse / Treatment Series Methadone: Where Are We
    Drug Abuse / Treatment Series Coming Together on Prevention
    Drug Abuse / Treatment Series Adolescent Treatment Approaches
    Drug Abuse / Treatment Series Finding the Solution
    Drug Abuse / Treatment Series Getting Help: Employee Version
    Drug Abuse / Treatment Series Marijuana: What Can Parents Do?
    Drug Abuse / Treatment Series If You Change Your Mind
    Drug Abuse / Treatment Series LAAM: Another Treatment for Opiate Addiction
    Drug Abuse / Treatment Series Drug Abuse Treatment in Prison: A New Way Out
    Drug Abuse / Treatment Series Drug Testing: Employer Version
    Portland Alc Research Center (PARC) Handling Induced Convulsion Scoring Instructions
    Portland Alc Research Center (PARC) IV Jugular Catheterization of Mice
    Remotely Science
    Society for Neuroscience Archival Interview:  Dr. Juluius Axelrod
    Society for Neuroscience Archival Interview:  Viktor Hamburger
    Society for Neuroscience Archival Interview:  Dr. Herbert Jasper
    Society for Neuroscience Archival Interview:  Dr. Seymour Kety

    Cassettes [back to top]

    NIAAA  1997 Genes and the Environment in Complex Diseases: A Focus on Alcoholism  April 2-3, 1997   Opening Session - Session IV

    by Mark Rutledge-Gorman
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