QTL CodeActre2 PARC Alias MGI Alias
Drug Alcohol Phenotype Alcohol Stimulated Activity
Chromosome2Peak 56 cM Range
Max Range (Mb) Min Range (Mb) StatusSignificant
LOD score p value Sex Specific
Strains Tested Increaser Allele Dominance
Comments May be the same QTL as Actre3/Actre3q and/or Actre4
Contact Person R. Hitzemann Last Updated 2007-04-09 13:56:34


Malmanger B, Lawler M, Coulombe S, Murray R, Cooper S, Polyakov Y, Belknap J, Hitzemann R. Further studies on using multiple-cross mapping (MCM) to map quantitative trait loci. Mamm Genome 2006 Dec;17(12):1193-204.
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Hitzemann R, Boudreau E and Malmanger B; unpublished data