QTL CodeAaq1/Etacc PARC Alias Etacc MGI AliasAaq1
Drug Alcohol Phenotype Alcohol Acceptance
Assay Total amount of 10% (v/v) ethanol consumed over 24-h period following 24-h period of water deprivation
Chromosome15Peak 30 Range15-48
Max Range (Mb) Min Range (Mb) StatusSignificant
LOD score3.8 p value Sex SpecificMale limited
Strains Tested B6, D2, BXD RI, B6D2 F2 Increaser AlleleB6 Dominance
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McClearn GE, Tarantino LM, Rodriguez LA, Jones BC, Blizard DA, Plomin R. Genotypic selection provides experimental confirmation for an alcohol consumption quantitative trait locus in mouse. Mol Psychiatry. 1997 Oct-Nov;2(6):486-9.
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