Component 10 lab team members
Research Component 10:
Pilot Projects

PI: Robert Hitzemann

The Pilot Project Component is designed to provide a flexible means for developing and exploring new research activities or directions, and unique opportunities that can evolve into independently funded research projects. Typically, the Pilot Project Component funds 2-4 projects each year. The expected duration of these projects ranges from 1-3 years, with most projects lasting 1-2 years. The Center Scientific Director manages this Component.

Pilot Project applications are solicited annually, usually in August, from OHSU- and VAMC-based investigators, with a funding start date the following January. Each proposal is evaluated for scientific merit and innovation, and for relatedness to the Center’s overall goals.  Evaluations are conducted by at least two members of the Center's Scientific Advisory Board, the Scientific Director, and the Center Director. Recommendations for funding will be considered for approval by the Center Executive Committee.

Summary of funded projects here

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by Mark Rutledge-Gorman
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