Center Director John Crabbe

Core Component 1: Administrative Core

Center Director: John Crabbe
Scientific Director: Robert Hitzemann

The Administrative Core performs the centralized administrative functions for all five Research Components (#5 - #9) and the Pilot Projects (Component #10). It also coordinates the activities of the Scientific Support Cores (Components #2 - #3), and the Education and Outreach Component (#4).

Scientific oversight is provided by the Scientific Advisory Board, and executive decisions regarding PARC activities are made by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will set and continuously evaluate progress toward general scientific research directions, and will oversee quality control mechanisms in all areas of Center activity.

Oversight also will be provided over animal production, the centralized facility for producing alcohol dependence, genomics, bioinformatics and data sharing, biostatistical analyses, educational enrichment and outreach activities.

Two lines of administrative responsibility are contained within the Administrative Core. The general administrative coordination of all Center activities and the Center’s budget are supervised by Dr. Crabbe, the Center Director, while coordination of and future planning for scientific directions are supervised by Dr. Hitzemann, the Scientific Director.

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by Mark Rutledge-Gorman
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