Neurobiology of Disease


  April 24 - Regeneration and repair

Gary Westbrook

This session will focus on recent developments in neural regeneration to complement the clinical demonstation on multiple sclerosis (MS). The discussion will start with a brief overview of the mechanisms limiting regeneration in the CNS with a focus on Nogo as described in the review by Schwab. We will then discuss the paired papers by Park et al and Shao et al. Please come prepared to discuss the papers such that you can describe the findings in each figure.

Nogo and axon regeneration [ Download ]
M.E. Schwab
Curr. Opin. Neurobiol. 14 (2004), pp. 118-124

A TNF receptor family member, TROY, is a coreceptor with Nogo receptor in mediating the inhibitory activity of myelin inhibitors [ Download ]
J.B. Park, G. Yiu, S. Kaneko, J. Wang, J. Chang and Z. He
Neuron 45 (2005), pp. 345-351

TAJ/TROY, an orphan TNF receptor family member, binds Nogo-66 receptor 1 and regulates axonal regeneration [ Download ]
Z. Shao, J.L. Browning, X. Lee, M.L. Scott, S. Shulga-Morskaya, N. Allaire, G. Thill, M. Levesque, D. Sah and J.M. McCoy et al.
Neuron 45 (2005), pp. 353-359.

Optional background reading related to multiple sclerosis and cell-based therapies

Enhancing Central Nervous System Remyelination in Multiple Sclerosis [ Download ]
M Dubois-Dalcq,C ffrench-Constant and RJM Franklin
Neuron, Vol. 48, 9-12, October 6, 2005