Neurobiology of Disease


  April 12 - Gene Therapy (ToolBox)

Current approaches and the limitations of the current approaches and viral vectors will be presented. Readings will include the potential application of gene therapy to Parkinson's Disease.

A Short Course on Virology/Vectorology/Gene Therapy [ Download ]
Zeger Debyser
Current Gene Therapy, 2003, 495-499

Promoter and Control Elements: Designing Expression Cassettes for Gene Therapy [ Download ]
E.D. Papadakis, S.A. Nicklin, A.H. Baker and S.J. White
Current Gene Therapy, 2004, 89-113

From Virus Evolution to Vector Resolution: Use of Naturally Occurring Serotypes of Adeno-associated Virus (AAV) as Novel Vectors for Human Gene Therapy [ Download ]
D. Grimm and M.A. Kay
Current Gene Therapy, 2003, 3, 281-304