Neurobiology of Disease


Date: April 5, 2012 (Thursday)
Time: 10 a.m.
Theme: Introduction
Module: Toolbox
Session: Clinical Trials
Instructor: Penny Hogarth, Associate Professor, Neurology, OHSU
Objectives: This session will provide a practical introduction to how clinical trials are designed, staged (Phase 1-3, etc) and conducted.
Study questions:
  1. Describe the purpose of randomization and the use of "double-blind controls".
  2. What's the advantage of a crossover trial design?
  3. Describe some of the factors in selecting the best "outcome variable" for a clinical trial.
  1. Marshall et al., Neurologic Clinics 14, 451-466, 1996
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  2. Paul et al., Nature Reviews/Drug Discovery 9, 203-214, 2010.
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