Neurobiology of Disease


Date: April 17, 2009 (Friday)
Time: 12 noon
Theme: Neurodegeneration (ALS and Alzheimer's)
Module: Overview
Session: Understanding ALS: mechanisms and treatment of motor neuron disease.
Instructor: Don Cleveland (visiting faculty)
Description: Don Cleveland from UCSD reported one of the early animal models for ALS. He will provide an update of his work on motor neuron disease.
Study questions:
  1. How might astrocytes contribute to selective degeneration of motor neurons in ALS?
  2. What recent evidence might suggest a role for altered gene regulation in ALS?
  1. Yamanaka K, Chun SJ, Boillee S, Fujimori-Tonou N, Yamashita H, Gutmann DH, Takahashi R, Misawa H, Cleveland DW (2007). Astrocytes as determinants of disease progression in inherited amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Nat Neurosci 11:251-253.
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  2. Lagier-Tourenne C, Cleveland DW (2009). Rethinking ALS: The FUS about TDP-43. Cell 136:1001-1004.
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