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The Connor Trail is approximately 1/3 of a mile in length and has an elevation gain of 290 feet. The trail begins at the existing Marquam Nature Park Shelter located at the bottom of Sam Jackson Park Road, just west of the Terwilliger Boulevard and Sam Jackson Park Road intersection, and ends at the northwest end of OHSU's Marquam Hill campus. Trailhead signs mark entrances to the trail at each end. The trail is located in an undeveloped and wooded section of steep hillside that lies between OHSU's Marquam Hill campus and Sam Jackson Park Road. The City of Portland Parks Department and the Marquam Hill Plan have identified the Connor Park Trail as a preferred pedestrian connection. The intent of the trail is to provide a scenic and functional pedestrian access that connects OHSU's Marquam Hill campus with the existing trail network on Marquam Hill and lower Sam Jackson Park Road. The trail has been constructed in a way that minimizes the impacts to the existing natural environment.

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Proposed Connor Nature Park Trail, detail view.
Marquam Hill Trail Shelter near Sam Jackson Park Road, just west of Terwilliger Boulevard

Looking south up the gully.


Looking north, possible public trailhead location at SW 9th Avenue and Grover Street.