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Ali Olyaei, PharmD, BCPS

Ali Olyaei, PharmD, BCPS
Professor of Medicine
Director, Clinical Research Section

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Ali Olyaei, PharmD, BCPS

Dr. Olyaei is the author of 100 peer and non-peer reviewed articles in the area of drug safety in renal and liver failure and pharmacology of new drugs in clinical practice as well as 17 book chapters. Dr. Olyaei has been honored by Oregon Society of Professional Pharmacists as the Pharmacist of the Year Award, Oregon Society of Hospital Pharmacists; Practitioner of the Year Award , Oregon Health Sciences University; Preceptor of the Year Award


Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy - June 1988, Oregon State University, College of Pharmacy
Doctor of Pharmacy - December 1991, University of Kansas, College of Clinical Pharmacy

Board Certification:

Board Certification: Pharmacotherapy Specialist, 1994-2001
Board Certification: Pharmacotherapy Specialist, 2001-2007

Research Interest:

Working with other health care providers to develop successful research projects in the field of pharmacology, pharmacokinetics and pharmacoeconomics.

Clinical Interest:

The major goals of clinical studies are to improve drug prescribing, minimize toxicity and improve compliance in transplant patients. Interested in health-related outcomes, including reducing adverse drug reactions, drug-drug interactions and over all healthcare utilization.

Representative Publications:
  • Olyaei AJ, deMattos AM, Bennett, WM. “Renal Toxicity of Protease Inhibitors.” Current Opinion in Nephrology, 2000;9:473.
  • Olyaei AJ, Thi K, deMattos AM, Bennett, WM. “ Use of Basiliximab and Daclizumab in Renal Transplantation.” Progress in Transplantation, 2001;11:33.
  • Green M, Olyaei AJ. “Cardiovascular Complications of Immunosuppressive Drugs.” Clinical Trends, 2001;4:82.
  • Gopal DV, Rabkin JM, Berk BS, Corless CL, Chou S, Olyaei AJ, Orloff SL, Rosen HR. “Treatment of Progressive Hepatitis C Recurrence Following Liver Transplantation with Interferon Plus Ribavirin.” Liver Transplantation, 2001;7:181.
  • Rabkin JM, Orloff SL,. Corless CL, Rosen HR, Olyaei AJ. “Late Mortality in Liver Transplant Recipients.” American Journal Of Surgery, 2001;181:475.
  • Olyaei AJ, Green M. “Infection Complications in Transplant Patients.” PSAP-IV Infectious Diseases, American College of Clinical Pharmacy, 2001.
  • Rabkin JM, Rosen HR, Corless CL, Orloff SL, Olyaei AJ. “Prophylactic Antiviral Therapy In CMV High?Risk Liver Transplant Recipients.” Transplantation Proceeding, 2001;33:1811.
  • Rabkin JM, Corless CL, Rosen HR, Olyaei AJ. “Pharmacoeconomic Study Of Tacrolimus?Based Versus Cyclosporine?Based Immunosuppressive Therapy Following Liver Transplantation.’ Transplantation Proceeding, 2001;33:1532.
  • Sparks J, Olyaei AJ. “Management of Alcoholic Liver Diseases.” Pharmacy Times, 11;6:12.
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  • Sutton SS, Gomez E, Papadopoulo J, Olyaei AJ, Cazes J, Hennenfent J, Ambegaonkar AJ, Lubowski TJ. “Multicenter Evaluation of Risk Factors for Aspergillosis in Patients Treated with Lipid Amphotericin B Products: Outcomes, Drug Utilization Parameters, and Benchmarking” Hospital Formulary, 2003; (Feb)