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Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Understanding Media

Chapter 3: Messages

Chapter 4: The Interview

Chapter 5: Interviewing

Chapter 6: The Adversarial

Chapter 7: Public Presentations

Chapter 8: Online Media

Chapter 9: Taking Charge



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Jim Newman

Jim Newman, OHSU Associate Director of Strategic Communications, gets his brain on during Brain Awareness Week.

We would like to thank Jim Newman, Office of Strategic Communications at OHSU, for his contributions to Chapter 9 and for review and feedback on the project as a whole.

Investigators from the Methamphetamine Abuse Research Center (Aaron Janowsky, Tamara Phillips, Suzanne Mitchell, Jacob Raber, Gregory Mark, Jennifer Loftis, Marilyn Huckans, and William Hoffman) gamely sat for three to four sessions of on-camera training with Pete, inspiring the content for this media guide. We thank them for their perseverance and willingness to watch themselves on tape.

We also thank camera man Ken Avdeef, OHSU studio coordinator Larry Dlugas, and the staff of the Educational Communications department for facilitating this project.

Ruth Rowland, MARC coordinator, took on the job of editing the manual and putting it into final print and online formats. Mark Rutledge-Gorman, administrator and Education Core PI of the Portland Alcohol Research Center, contributed invaluable proofreading as well as input based on his experience translating research messages for the public.

Like all MARC activities, this manual was funded by NIDA through center grant P50- DA018165, and thus ultimately by our media audiences.

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