Western ILLiad User's Meeting

Portland State University
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2005 W-ILLiad Meeting Postponed. 2006 planning underway...

ILLiad Users can meet at the Northwest Interlibrary Loan and Resource Sharing Conference, September 15, 2005 and September 16, 2005.

There will be a pizza lunch and interest group meeting Thursday, 9/15/05, and another user group meeting will occur over lunch again on Friday, 9/16/05.

Register Now: http://www.oclcwestern.org/nwill/register.asp

W-ILLiad 2004 Presentations

Many of the powerpoints have notes, so if you want to read them, we recommend downloading and then viewing in MS-Powerpoint, otherwise, the PDF files include notes.

W-ILLiad 2005 Meeting

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Proceedings, Notes, Resources from meetings...

W-ILLiad 2004

NW ILLiad User's Meeting 2003 / Notes & Resources

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