Oral History Master Index

This master index database has been compiled from the individual print indexes to each oral history interview transcript. For more information on searching this database, read the Searching Tips.

On the left side of the page, the name of each interviewee currently included in the database is linked to complete index results for that interview; a pdf file of the printed version of the index is included at the top of each individual index page to allow for better visualization of topic hierarchies.

For a complete listing of oral history interviewees and further information about the program, see the Oral History Program.

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Interviewee Indexes


Adams, Joseph
Ash, Joan


Babson, S. Gorham
Baird, Michael David
Baptist, Mary Elizabeth (Betsy)
Beals, Rodney K.
Benson, John A.
Bentley, J. Peter
Bergman, Betty
Bishop, Warren G.
Bloom, Joseph
Bluemle, Lewis W. (Bill)
Bristow, J. David
Burns, Edgar Murray


Campbell, John R. (Jack)
Campbell, Robert A.
Carter, C. Conrad
Clarke, J. Henry
Claycomb, Cecil K. (Keith)
Cochran, Bernice Orwig
Connell, Reid S. (Sam)


Devlin, Donald
Dockery, Gwynn Brice


Edwards, Miles J.


Flanagan, John (Jack)


Gaines, Barbara C.
Gettelman, Eugene
Goodwin, Peter A.
Griswold, Herbert E., Jr.


Hatfield, Mark O.
Hills, Ruby
Hodges, Clarence V.
Hutchens, Tyra T.


Inahara, Toshio
Ito, William Shunsuke


Jacob, Stanley W.
Jacob, Barbara Hiatt
Jones, Bernice
Jones, Gary
Jones, Richard T. (Dick)


Kassebaum, Donald G.
Kendall, John
Kohler, Peter O.
Koler, Robert D.
Krippaehne, Marion


Labby, Daniel H.
Laster, Leonard
Lieuallen, Roy E.
Lindeman, Carol Ann
Lockwood, Mary Ann


Marshall, F. James
Matarazzo, Joseph D.
Matarazzo, Ruth G.
McDonald, Isabel
McDonald, Mary Durham
McFarland, Mary Brambilla
McGill, James (Jim)
Menashe, Victor D.
Morgan, James E.
Morris, Cliff


Nakadate, Katsumi J.
Niles, Nelson R. (Sam)
Noble, Marjorie


Olmsted, Richard W.
Ono, Alfred K.
Osterud, Harold T.
Oyama, Albert A.


Paxton, Harold D.
Perry, Louis B.
Peterson, Clare Gray
Peterson, Robert A.
Porter, Donald R.
Porter, George A.
Porter, Sarah E.
Potempa, Kathleen


Rawlinson, May E.
Reinschmidt, J.S. (Julian S.)
Rosenwinkel, Heather G.
Ryan, Margaret M. (Peg)


Saslow, George
Shields, Ambrose (Bucky)
Snell, William E.
Starr, Albert
Stevens, Wendell C.
Storer, Carol Pearson
Storrs, Frances
Sutherland, Donald W.
Swan, Kenneth Carl
Swank, Roy L.


Terkla, Louis G.
Toffler, William L.
Trunkey, Donald D.


van der Vlugt, Martha
Vernon, Jack A.


Wagner, Marie K.
Weible, Betty
Whitaker Knapp, Karen
Willhite, Ted H.
Williams, Grace Kingsley
Witter, David M.
Wood, James A.


Youmans, William Barton

Search the index for MAJOR TOPICS

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Examples of major topic/sub-topic hierarchies:

Dept. of Nursing Education
Jones, Richard T. (Dick)
Multnomah County Hospital
Oregon Health Sciences University
University of Oregon Health Sciences Center
University of Oregon Dental School
University of Oregon Medical School
University of Oregon School of Nursing

Oral History Master Index Searching Tips

As much as possible, terms have been standardized to allow for more precise retrieval. Please note, however, that earlier and later forms of names do remain for corporate bodies, such as Doernbecher Memorial Hospital for Children (earlier name) and Doernbecher Children's Hospital (later name). Both terms need to be searched in order to find all references to that hospital.

Major topics indicate topics that can stand alone. Sub topics are those terms that apply directly to a larger term, without which they would lose context. A good way to start exploring the database is to click on the link to "List of all Major Terms." Here, you will find a complete list of topics, each linked to a dynamic results set for that term. The "List of all sub topics" will provide a similar list of linked terms. (As a reminder, broad topics for each interview are listed on the main interviewee roster, and are often a good way to begin looking at the overarching theme(s) of each individual session.)

Because the display of major and sub topics is problematic, we have included links to several examples of term hierarchies. These links, located below the search boxes on the main search page, display a major topic and all of its associated sub topics. Each of these topics is linked, so that results can be seen without redoing a search.

Searching is based on exact strings of data, so that a search on "Oregon" will retrieve not only topics beginning with the word "Oregon," but all topics with "Oregon" in the name, such as "Board of Medical Examiners of the State of Oregon."

In the same way, entering a term which does not exist exactly in that form in the database will retrieve no topics. For example, entering "Laurence Selling" will produce zero results, since names are entered last name first, e.g. "Selling, Laurence." When in doubt, put in as little of the term as possible when beginning a search.

Page numbers listed in the online index refer to pages of the final printed transcripts available either through the Main Library or Historical Collections & Archives.