ILL Express encrypts your password so that no one but you can access your profile and read or make changes to your personal information. However, web browsers do cache information and create history files on the local hard drive. This allows subsequent users of the workstation to access your information using the browser's "Back" button, or by finding a page with your personal information in the history file. The main area of concern is using ILL Express at one of the public terminals located in the OHSU Library (or any other public terminal).

Please be certain that you:

  • Exit the ILL Express system completely using the "Logoff" button from the upper left corner of every ILL Express page.
  • Close your browser when you have finished placing requests or updating your personal information.
Failure to follow the above recommendations may allow unauthorized access to your personal information. If you merely exit the ILL Express system and do not close out of your brower, it may be possible for someone using the terminal afterwards to access your information.