ILL Express is the common Web-based interface for Oregon Health & Science University Library Document Delivery Services. OHSU faculty, staff and students can register for individual accounts that will allow them to initiate and track their own requests. The Library will establish personalized ILL Express accounts for Loansome Doc subscribers, eligible non-OHSU clients, and libraries without access to OCLC or DOCLINE.

  • OHSU Users: The Library provides document delivery services for faculty, students and staff, both on campus and off. These services include Interlibrary Loan and Photocopy. We supply materials from other libraries located around the world, as well as from the library's own collections. All requests are processed through ILL Express. You may also want to investigate Summit Borrowing for other delivery options.
  • Non-OHSU Users: The Library provides document delivery services, including Photocopy and Loansome Doc, for individuals and businesses outside of the OHSU community. The Library will establish personalized ILL Express accounts for these users.
  • Borrowing Libraries: We prefer that libraries making requests to borrow from our collections use the OCLC ILL or DOCLINE subsystems. Any institution that does not use OCLC or DOCLINE for its online requesting must submit requests for loans and articles through a personalized ILL Express account. Contact our office to establish a Library Account (503-494-3491 or 503-494-2399). Our office hours are 7:30 am - 5:00 pm (Pacific Time), Monday through Friday.
Oregon Health & Science University Library:
Document Delivery Services
Telephone: (503) 494-2399

ILL Express is a customized version of the OCLC ILLiad Resource Sharing Management software (OCLC ILLiad).
For additional information, please go to the OCLC ILLiad web site at