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Ovid Online Basics


Subject Search
Enter a single word or phrase in the "Enter Keyword or phrase:" box. Checking the "Map Term to Subject Heading" box is recommended to help find relevant terms. Click on the Perform Search button. From the resulting "Mapping Display," click on your term. Scroll down the hierarchy of subject headings on the subsequent page and locate your term. To include terms indented under your term, click in the "Explode" box. Then click on the Continue button. You may choose Subheadings if appropriate. Then click on the Continue button.

Textword Search (title and abstract words)
Enter a single word or phrase in the "Enter Keyword or phrase:" box. Check the "Map Term to Subject Heading" box. From the resulting "Mapping Display," check the box that has your word(s) followed by (search as keyword). Then click on the Continue button.

Author Search
Click on the Author icon. Enter the author's last name followed by the first initial. Click on the Perform Search button.

Title Search
Click on the Title icon. Enter a word or phrase. Click on the Perform Search button.

Journal Search
Click on the Journal icon. Enter the full name of the journal. Click on the Perform Search button.

Other Field Searches (Page or volume number, Gene Sequence, Registry Number, Institution, etc.)
Click on the Search Fields button. Enter the number, word, or phrase. Click on the box for the field to search. Click the Perform Search button.

When you have more than one set ready to combine, click on the Combine icon. Select the appropriate Boolean operator "And" or "Or." Select the sets to Combine. Click on Perform Search. Alternatively you may type the set numbers separated by the Boolean operator directly in the search box. Example: 1 and 7.

To restrict to language, publication type, latest update, local holdings, age group, animal type, select one of the search sets, then select one or more limits. Click on the Limit Search button. Note: limits vary from database to database.

Printing, Emailing and Saving using the Citation Manager
Set your parameters in each column by clicking in the white buttons, then click on the appropriate Action button. To print, click on the "Print Preview or Display" button, then use the Web browser print command.

Direct Export - using the Citation Manager
To export your search into a bibliographic manager (e.g. EndNote, Reference Manager, ProCite) after you have made your selection, click on the "Direct Export" button. This will open up your program and you can import the citations directly.

Citation Manager

In addition to help available within Ovid, OHSU Library's FAQ page provides links to Ovid tutorials and specific tips on using fulltext and evidence based medicine databases, dealing with very large search results, ordering documents and creating automatically updated searches.

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