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What is premature labor?

... Premature labor is early labor that happens more than three weeks before your due date.

Is premature labor bad for my baby?

If babies are born too early, they may have problems breathing, eating, and staying warm.

Premature babies often need to be in a hospital for weeks until they are bigger and stronger. Some babies have lifelong problems from being born too early.


Signs of premature labor are often mild and easy to ignore!

Contractions (your uterus tightens) every 10 minutes or less;

Mentural-like cramps that come and go;

Pain in your lower back that may come and go;

Pressure that makes you feel like you have to push;


Fluid or blood leaking from your vagina.

What should I do if I have signs of premature labor?

  • If you are having contractions, cramping, pressure or low back pain that comes and goes:

    • Drink 3 large glasses of water or juice and lie on your left side for one hour.

    • If contractions do not stop after one hour, call the clinic day or night

  • If you are bleeding or leaking from your vagina, call the clinic day or night

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