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2005 Collection Development Decisions

  • Journal Subscription Additions and Cancellations for 2005
  • Journal Selection Priorities for 2005
  • Journal Selection Criteria for 2005
  • Subscribing to Titles only in Online format
  • General Information about the OHSU Library Collection

    Journal Selection Priorities

    Approximately $100,000 of the library resources were cancelled to meet the demand for new titles and to meet budget guidelines. Inflation was between 8 and 10% again this year.

    The selection priorities and achievements for 2005 were:

    1. The OHSU Library joined 22 other Orbis Cascade Alliance Libraries in a consortial agreement for all journals in the Springer collection. This included titles from the former Kluwer publisher who merged with Springer-Verlag. Access to 979 new titles was added to the electronic collection.

    2. The University of Washington Health Sciences Library and the OHSU Library jointly purchased access to the Total Access collection on the Ovid platform. This purchase added about 150 Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins titles including the Current Opinions series.

    3. Continued membership in BioMed Central, an open access publisher. This allowed OHSU authors to publish without page charges and make articles available to all on the Web free of charge. This membership will be discontinued in 2006 when the pricing models changes to charges per paper instead of an annual membership fee.

    4. Added 58 new titles recommended by OHSU faculty, students and staff or identified by analysis of Interlibrary loans requests and articles cited by OHSU authors.

    5. Purchased electronic collections that added back volumes to the collection (Neuroscience Collection II from Elsevier ScienceDirect and Cell Press).

    6. Cancelled the print format and subscribed online only for titles from Springer, Cell Press and other journals. (60 titles). This brings the total number of current journals subscription that are purchased only in electronic format to 900 titles or about 40% of OHSU Library current subscriptions.

    7. Cancelled low use titles based on in-house and electronic usage as well as titles with a high cost/use (84 titles)

    8. Cancelled duplicate titles among the OHSU libraries (17 titles).

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    Journal Selection Criteria

    A serials decision database was created to monitor OHSU usage of titles from various sources. Every year, the data is used to identify low, medium and high use journals.

    Low use journals are reviewed for possible cancellation. High use titles that are not current subscriptions are considered for addition to the collection. If you would like to know more about the selection process used for the Main Library, please contact Diane Carroll at carroldi@ohsu.edu.

    Priority 1, 2 and 3 or high, medium or low use for 2005

    Selection criteria

    High (1)

    Medium (2)

    Low (3)

    Number of times an OHSU author cited the journal from 2001 to 5/2004.




    Number of times an OHSU author published in the journal from 2001 to 5/2004.




    Full text use estimated for one year.


    40 to 250


    Number of times the journal was used in library from October 2001 to July 2004 (34 months).




    Number of times the journal was requested through interlibrary loan over the last 12 months.




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    Subscribing to Titles Only Online

    Before a title can be considered for purchase in only the online format, several criteria have to be met.

    Titles eligible for purchase in online format only must:

    • Result in some savings when print is canceled.
    • Be on a reliable electronic journal platform that provides full-text in PDF format.
    • Have a license that includes archival rights. If a journal was canceled in the future, the library would need perpetual access to the years purchased.
    • Allow interlibrary loans requests to be filled.
    • Provide usage statistics.
    Titles that are not eligible for purchase in online format only, but must also be purchased in print include:
    • Titles that have very high use.
    • Clinical titles on the Brandon-Hill list for medical libraries.
    • Titles without archival rights or that do not allow interlibrary loans in the license.
    For a list of titles see Journal Subscription Additions and Cancellations for 2005

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    General Information about the 2005 OHSU Library Collection

    The OHSU Library purchases information resources in a variety of formats to support the educational, clinical, and research needs of students, faculty, and staff. Formats purchased include print books and journals, electronic books and journals, audiovisuals and multimedia. The library also subscribes to a 113 bibliographic and full-text databases including MEDLINE, CINAHL, PsycInfo, and Web of Science.

    The OHSU Marquam Hill Campus libraries subscribes to 1,553 journals. The OHSU West Campus libraries (OGI School of Science & Engineering and Oregon National Regional Research Center) subscribe to 534 journals, for a total of 2,087 journal subscriptions at all locations. The library subscribes to two full text aggregator collections: EBSCOhost and Gale Health Reference Center Academic, and provides access to over 6,900 full text journals via the catalog on the library web site. In addition to electronic subscriptions purchased from publishers and societies, the catalog includes titles from aggregated full text databases, collections of back issues, and titles freely available on the internet that are considered useful to our users.

    Library staff has negotiated electronic journal licenses with over 100 providers, including Elsevierís ScienceDirect, Wiley InterScience, Nature Publishing, Blackwell Synergy, IEEE, ACM, JSTOR, Springer, and Ovid Technologies. Archival collections that provide access to older volumes have been purchased from JSTOR, ScienceDirect, Wiley InterScience and the American Chemical Society.

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    Last Updated on 2/7/2006 by Diane Carroll
    Email: carroldi@ohsu.edu
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