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There are many programs that provide classes at OHSU. Class specific questions should be directed to the appropriate group.

  Organizational Effectiveness : 503-494-8185
Cadence – Scheduling & EARL (Epic Authorization & Referral Log)

Service Excellence Training
  Healthcare Operations Support Team: 503-494-5676
Prelude – Initial Billing Data
Resolute – Professional Billing through UMG
  Dian Zumwalt: 503-494-0608
Epic Hospital Billing
  Jae Hines: 503-494-5044

Financial Training: Financial Management (FM) and Financial Systems (FS)
Financial Support & Education: 503-494-4524

Classroom Locations (Campus Map)

BICC – Library Building (on hill) - # 17 on the campus map
BICC, also known as the Library, is located west of the Hatfield Research Center on Sam Jackson Park Rd. From the Admitting and Information desk on the 9th floor of OHSU Hospital, follow the
corridor that goes toward the Hatfield Café. Continue walking and exit through the doors to your right just past the Café. The BICC is the first building on your left. Upon entering BICC at street level, you are on the second floor. Go down one floor. If you come down the stairs, rooms 120,121,122 are in the gallery to the right of the stairwell. Room 104 is to your left
from the stairwell.
NEW! The BICC now has a lactation room.
Location: BICC 105 (Mailroom)
Facilities: Armchair; privacy screen; “Do Not Disturb” door tag.
Accessibility: Users may request a key from the Library Circulation Desk.
Users: the room is available for both OHSU and non-OHSU users. Please refer any inquiries to the Circ Desk in the library on the 3rd floor of the BICC Building.
BTE – Building Twenty Eight (on hill) - # 28 on the campus map
The BTE is located on SW Veterans' rd between the CDRC and Campus Services Building. It is across the street from the back side of Doernbecher's 10th floor. As you exit the back of DCH, BTE is the white building slightly ahead and to your right. The training room is on your left as you enter through the front doors.
MSB – Market Square Building (off hill)
Located off-campus at 1515 SW Fifth Avenue - between Market and Clay. Take the OHSU Shuttle to the Market Square Building. Take the elevators to the ninth floor. Once you exit the elevator go left, then left again down the first corridor. MSB 932 is on the left toward the end of this corridor.
UMG – University Medical Group (off hill)
University Medical Group office at 2055 NW Savier St. Suite #201, Portland, Oregon 97209. Trimet bus routes 15 and 77 service the area. The name on the building is Conway. There is visitor parking but if filled, there is street parking. Enter the west end door and check-in with security. Your trainer will be notified of your arrival.
CHH – Center for Health & Healing
From the Hill, take the Tram to CHH.
SJH – Sam Jackson Hall (formerly OPC)
SJH is located across the pedestrian bridge from OHSU Hospital 9th floor. If you are facing the Admitting and Information desk on the 9th floor of OHSU Hospital, turn left and walk across the pedestrian bridge to SJH. Once in the building, you will see a café on your right. Walk through the building past Elevator A & B. Following the hallway to the left, you will see signs for Elevator C. Turn right past Elevator C. At the end of the hallway is room 1340. Turn left for classrooms 1342, 1346 and 1347.

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