Early detection is the gateway to a cancer-free world. Join our bold $1 billion campaign to end cancer as we know it.

The Knight Cancer Challenge. Oregon Health & Science University has launched an unprecedented $1 billion campaign to fund research to find smarter, faster ways to detect cancer when the disease is most curable. Nike co-founder Phil Knight and his wife, Penny, have pledged to donate $500 million to support this ambitious plan – if we can raise an additional $500 million in gifts and pledges in two years.

We’ve changed the game before. We can do it again. OHSU’s Dr. Brian Druker proved it was possible to kill cancer cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed. This discovery of the cancer pill Gleevec®, the first targeted therapy of its kind, has revolutionized cancer research and treatment. Dr. Druker’s new goal is to apply the knowledge we’ve gained to save more lives through early detection.

Our supporters share our sense of urgency. Our scientific plan is designed to deliver rapid results in the area of greatest unmet need in conquering cancer. But, this vision isn’t about our institution. It’s about every patient, every family and every organization with a stake in the cancer fight. No one can solve this problem alone. We’re doing it with the help of supporters in 47 states who have already contributed $86 million toward our goal. Oregonians are leading the way, with an additional $200 million in bond funding to build new cancer research facilities and clinical trials space to advance discovery. We’re all in this together, and together we can stop cancer in its tracks.

How can you help? We need the support of everyone who cares about stopping cancer - individuals, families, community groups, corporations, government agencies and private foundations.

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