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Living in Oregon

Rose Garden
There's a risk in visiting Oregon - you may find it impossible to leave! From the coast to the high desert, from the Willamette Valley wine country to the glaciers of Mt. Hood, Oregon offers seasonal beauty, awe-inspiring vistas, cultural delights and an abundance of recreational activity.

Awards and Recognition for Oregon and Portland
  • "Money Magazine" rated Portland the "Most livable city in America 2000"

  • "American Style" magazine has named Portland the No. 13 arts destination in the country.

  • "Reader's Digest" recently voted Portland the cleanest city in the country.

  • Portland is home to Powell's City of Books: Recognized as the largest new-and-used bookstore in the world.

  • "Travel and Leisure" magazine puts Portland at the No. 5 spot to live in the country.

  • "Outside" magazine voted Portland one of the "10 Greatest Places to Live."

  • "Bicycling" magazine voted Portland No. 1 bicycling city in America.

  • "Fit" magazine voted Portland "Fit Town, U.S.A."

  • Voted by "Walking Magazine" one of America's best walking towns.
Statewide Regional Information
Oregon Coast
Pioneer Square
Mt. Hood
Mahleur, OR
  • The Coast
    Oregon's 400 miles of beaches and dunes are all open to the public, offering endless vacation possibilities. Grand resorts, family-friendly hotels, cozy bed and breakfasts, and full service campgrounds are available all along the coast.

  • Portland
    Outstanding public art, dozens of urban parks and greenspaces, a lively downtown, and a
    world-class transportation system are just a few of the many reasons to visit this jewel of the Pacific Northwest.

  • Mt. Hood & The Gorge
    Mt. Hood, the tallest of Oregon's Cascade peaks, stands watch over the awe-inspiring Columbia River Gorge from a height of ll,239 ft.. The often-photographed glacier-glazed peak is home to year-round skiing and snowboarding.

  • Willamette Valley
    For the thousands of pioneers who came across the Oregon Trail, this rich and verdant valley truly was the promised land. Flanked by the Coast Range and the Cascades, the valley takes its name from the river that flows through it.

  • Southern Oregon
    Long recognized by the Hollywood set as the perfect getaway, Southern Oregon offers visitors a well-balanced mix of natural and cultural wonders.

  • Central Oregon
    Although Oregon is often associated with rain, Central Oregon enjoys blue skies and sunshine nearly 300 days a year, offering a year-round playground for kids of all ages.

  • Eastern Oregon
    Eastern Oregon accounts for more than half of the state, geographically speaking. But with a relatively small population, this remarkable region is truly one of the west's last great wide open spaces.