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Wyley's Story - Doernbecher Children's Hospital

Wyley's Story

Wyley was born, in 2000, with a Port Wine Stain birthmark on his left cheek. We began Pulse Dye Laser surgeries when he was just 1 years old and by the time he'd turned 5 he'd had 24. A few years after that a growth began in his mouth that led us to find he had a Mandibular AVM and we almost lost him. Now he's had a total of 34 surgeries- all at Doernbechers. We LOVE this hospital! They have worked with us thru all the traumas that come with a small child with multiple surgeries.

Today, Wyley lives free of a "life threatening" status! At 12 years old he is known by all he's around to have a most compassionate and kind heart. This last picture was take just a few days ago at the Portland Shamrock Run, an event he heard benefits Doernbechers and wanted to be a part of.

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