My Doernbecher Story

Stephanie's Story

I was a Dorenbecher NICU baby. I was born 6 weeks early. If it wasn't for Dorenbecher's I would be dead. I had to be delivered by emergency c-section because my heart kept stopping. The last time it happened, the medical team ran my mothe's bed out so fast, they didn't take the oxygen mask off her, and it got ripped off the wall. There wasn't time for iv sedatives. They were rubbing my mom's abdomen with lidocain gel. They had 4 minutes to get me out and did it in 3 and a half minutes. I was born with encephlitis, a bacterial brain infection. Through my own internet research, I have found that it is caused by bacterial menigitis and is 99.9% fatal in all babies born prematurely. I am 32 years old, and have a heart murmur and asthma, and that's it. I am a mommy myself now to a beautiful baby girl, thanks to Doernbecher's and Dr. Nichols.

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