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Stephanie's Story

I have experienced staying at Doernbechers and OHSU I have had Epilepsy all my life so far my mother knew something was wrong when I kept falling over so she took me to Doernbechers and was diagnosis with Epilepsy had two brain surgery when I was little and it helped my seizures alot and I have been so thankful to OHSU and Doernbechers im still a patient at OHSU to this day with Epilepsy but they are better than when I was little OHSU they never give up on me I always donate to Doernbechers and to OHSU and plan to work at OHSU in the future to help other and give back the care that was given to me from the staff like they helped me.


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Karen Gillett

I am Stephanie's aunt and I'm proud of how she continues to fight her battle with seizures. The hospital has helped her a great deal to be able to do that. They have never given up on her so she didn't need to give up on herself. Thanks to the research continually being done we all continue to have hope that Stephanie will one day will be cured. She would make a great hire for the hospital because of the heart she has for others suffering as she has.

Posted Oct 9 2012 02:28:37:093PM

Stephanie Howard

Thank you for putting my story on this page I hope people read my story and like it.

Posted Oct 9 2012 01:54:16:620PM